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oh fuck lmfao

this track starts out as axel f and i groaned like god not another axel f remix but then it was a TRICK

when lambs wiggle their tiny little tails

boost if you agree

vic the bard! (cw: explicit song lyrics, undetailed cartoon bulge) 

when i make my extremely niche linux distribution it is OVER for microsoft

kde connect doesn't give me notifs from my phone anymore and idk why

(this is assuming i don't get a nice full-time job before then, which is possible—i gotta think about survival first and foremost ofc)

morning everybody! i have work today! i wish i didn't cause i'm cozy in bed but i know once i'm there i'll enjoy it. i actually LIKE this paid internship!!

the other day at work i almost cried a lil thinking about how i only get to work here for 160 hours, and i'd like to just keep doing this forever to supplement my art. i'm gonna crunch the numbers and, toward the end of my internship, see if i can convince them to take me on perma

remembered that norwegian ska song i heard a few months back. who wants to listen to some norwegian ska?

trick question:

you: half-and-half is a type of coffee creamer

me, an intellectual: valid to be half ???? and half girl

thank you to everyone boosting my post about my car!! :blobcatsadreach:

"Authors are kewl to the corporate identity or presentation that has been integrated in the document model." - , the free encyclopedia

frankly my car needs a lot more than $700 of work but after a point it'd make more sense to just make a down payment on a new car rather than pay a bunch to fix my busted 2003. i love this car but it's just not realistic

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