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hey open source nerds of masto! does anyone know if richard stallman's likeness is open source?

hey i made a stylus style to fix masto's layout!

it's pretty lightweight! just have it set to apply to whatever instance you use. for instance, mine is set to and

guess who's gonna make a stylus style for mastodon

GRUMPSTER DEBUT ALBUM OUT TODAY!!!! i bought the vinyl & t-shirt and it's such a good album aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

gradually getting the hang of the new laptop! drawing on the screen feels so weird—i'm used to my hand being a foot to the right haha

gradually getting the hang of the new laptop! drawing on the screen feels so weird—i'm used to my hand being a foot to the right haha

i guess tony hawk was larry david for halloween and it kinda owns

"Debugging (perfect with Pyjs Desktop, but that is broken for more than 3 years)" — , the free encyclopedia

i'm opening for card readings! this is something i've wanted to do for a long time.

i read the Pythia Botanica, which is a 48-card oracle deck firmly rooted in mythology and infused with plant magick. it uses the symbolism of flowers to unveil prophecy. attached is what my personal reading today looks like.

i'm still learning, and i prefer simple 1-3 card readings, but i'm flexible!
i charge $5 for 10 mins, or $2 for single cards. i won't handle medical or legal questions. DM me for more!

i wonder how hard it'd be to make my own music player using code from banshee. it works pretty nicely overall but the layout's bad and also doesn't scale right on my hidpi display lol

i tell ya, when i get my furry art site up and running it's all over for social media

gonna switch back to the old masto layout even though i don't like it as much cause i hate having to manually check and see if i have notifs

today was a good day but also very busy and exhausting! i am glad to be home and in bed! goodnight everyone!

i made it so whenever i close a window on my computer it explodes into thousands of tiny pieces and damned if that ain't satisfying as hell

guess who is posting from her NEW LAPTOP running LINUX

results of the first patron poll are in!

- lacom wearing tess (idea from omni!) 50%
- ash wearing a "snap my choker" shirt (idea from fl4nn!) 33%
- jess & ronnie (idea from chairodactyl!) 17%

expect to see some rubbery fun soon! ;3

oookay so i guess the laptop is estimated to arrive TOMORROW so uh, thank you all so much!!!! :blobcatlove:

so this is a very tentative thing given how it turned out last time, but it LOOKS like everything's good and i should be getting the laptop before long!

fundraiser deadline's up tomorrow and i'm going back & forth on if i should extend it out another couple weeks or just hope it's good! we're at 69% to the monetary goal (nice)

whatever happens, thanks a lot to everyone who's contributed! grab yourself a cold one and join me in the waiting game!

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