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suggestive, prominent cleavage 

backer bust! cathy lamb backed me on patreon, yayyy!!

want a bust like this? as little as $1 on patreon gets you one!

if you want a quick guide to the specific quirks of my patreon, check it:


tried doing backgrounds differently and it went a lot more smoothly and i like it better!

text version:

commission! friend had a fun idea, so here we are! i put a weird amount of time into those objects, hahaha

if anyone would like one of these, you'll have to wait a bit cause i need to figure out how to price it, haha

detail shots of items on patreon:

turns out i do NOT have the laptop cause ebay and/or paypal sucks shit

Just a heads up; the new MacOS version(Catalina), deprecated a bunch of stuff and now requires application to be notarized and 32 bit stuff is fully deprecated.

This is leading to several applications not working, including #photoshop. We've set up #krita to be notarized and hope to be able to release that soon, but there's no telling what will happen until we have tested it on a Catalina device.

If you're in the middle of a commission or project, don't update your macOS until sure tools work.

i'm convinced the perpetually dying shit heap is being vindictive toward me for talking shit on bird site & reporting spam

why do so many people just assume that everyone drinks coffee and/or tea?

speaking of my fundraiser, we're at 66%!!

get in on this for way discounted art! as little as $1 gets you a drawing normally priced at $25!! current deadline is OCTOBER 15

i've got a really fun idea for my next fundraiser and i think you're all gonna really really dig it tbh

suggestive, collar 

backer bust for @fl4nn! thanks a lot for backing!

want a bust like this? as little as $1 on patreon gets you one!! it also opts you into my fundraiser, meaning you get bonus art later!

partner and i designed a queer flag and it owns

wait.... how are you gonna have petplay in your DNI on the mastodon instance run by a person who likes petplay...........

extremely excited for november 8th when grumpster's debut full-length drops

mastodon has some problems a more centralized thing like twitter doesn't have but i'd still rather use it than twitter

hey @Tiwy57 or @Nomaxice, i was curious cause i can't find it on the announcements account and there's no reasons listed on the about—why are and silenced?

also, just a suggestion, but i think it might be good to list the reason for suspension/silencing with the instance on the about page

It's that time again.
Last month meow didn't receive any donations.

If you wish to donate, you can do so through

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ping us!
As always, thank you to those that donated in the past and consider donating.
We hope you all enjoy your stay on meow!

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