@dosnostalgic i wonder what they're doing now, if they still make things, etc

Coming up this weekend on Shetani Plays, I'll be taking a look at the brand-new Valheim: Hearth and Home update with my first ever special guest @squiiks !
We're starting this Sunday at 5 PM Eastern. Check out youtube.com/shetani/live to see when it begins in your timezone and sign up for notifications.
I'm letting folks know a little bit ahead of time since this is a super important stream for me!

@softgoat i think i did try to get all of the armor upgrades right off the bat. i definitely spent a large chunk of time flying around, taking out small things, picking up upgrades, etc, and then did all the missions in like one back-to-back go

i think a just cause style game set in an america run by a reagan or bush style figure would be sick

@softgoat i just don't remember having to hide for 5 minutes after doing a cool thing! it's been years though

food and also money 

low-sugar yogurt cups are 23¢/oz while high-sugar yogurt cups are 5¢/oz. it's absurd

request for advice about synths 

@balrogboogie apologies if someone already suggested it but i was very fond of synth1 back when i used it (haven't made music in a while so YMMV)

annoyed about religion shit 

seeing a lot of anti-atheist and specifically anti-anti-theist stuff on twitter lately and it's a real fucking downer

idea: social media site where the like count stops updating at 69

@Nentuaby hmm, an older macbook is probably not too much lighter than that unfortunately—looks like it's about a pound lighter, maybe? later macbooks have worse keyboards from my experience, so i can't really recommend them. good luck in your search!

@Nentuaby how light is fairly light? you can pick up old macbooks pretty cheap (for laptops—tho maybe not as cheap/old as you're hoping for) but they're a lil bulky compared to newer laptops

@ben bye *snaps her head away from you to stare straight forward and continues standing next to you*

whenever i see folks complaining about inkscape i think about the time i was having an issue with it, tweeted about it, and one of the devs was coincidentally doing a stream about it and took the time to try and fix the problem i was having—and succeeded!

@s0 in all honesty, i prefer magill's design, tho i do like the colors of yours! i think the zigzag in particular makes a bold visual statement and helps it stand out as a flag

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