@dosnostalgic the straight story is about a man trying to ride a lawnmower across iowa and wisconsin to see his brother. check and mate

asking for help, boosts very much appreciated 

i fucking hate doing this but here we are.

i've -3$ in my bank account right now, i've been unemployed since the pandemic started, and the gigs i've been working have all but completely dried up in the past few weeks.

i could really, really use some help right now. and if it means anything i'm trans, insurance most likely isn't going to cover my hormones, and i don't really have a place to stay other than my partner's parents' place which is not helping my mental health in the slightest.

if you'd like i do tarot readings for cash, and i'm a writer/editor and willing to work on pretty much anything that you could throw at me in that realm.

thanks for taking the time to hear me out,

venmo is @ jjx12
cashapp is jjx1269


Here's a finished commission for @g ! Niss seems to be enjoying her time in the pool

@softgoat aw. well if it's also bad, i can help research then!

commission ad, living rubber, modular 

in retrospect, using a fetish character was probably not a great idea since nobody's going to boost it if they click through in the first place. oops! i get more traction on That Other Website anyway, though

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commission ad, living rubber, modular 

5 slots open!

threw together a proper lil advert!

representative backgrounds start at $10, increasing based on complexity. no charge for solid color or transparent background!

@softgoat i recommend refund and i can help you research a good PSU

opening 5 commission slots, headshot/bust/icon only

$20 lines
$30 color
$50 shaded

For everyone who doesn't speak/read German:

See in the video minute
0:59 -> left the motoric abilities of the 10 year old boy before the #skateboarding therapy. Right after the therapy.

01:16: Changes due to therapy: Left graph shows concentration and focus. Middle graph shows general sympoms. Right graph shows unrest, impulsivity, aggression.

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Skaten gegen #Ritalin!
MOMA-Reporter: Was wurde aus dem Projekt 'Skaten gegen Ritalin'?

#Skateboarding against Ritalin!
What happened to the project at the University of Münster to use #skateboarding as therapy against ADHS?

Im August 2019 traf unser Reporter Philipp Wundersee den 10-jährigen Jannis, der an ADHS leidet. Jannis nahm an einem Projekt der Uni Münster teil, das Kindern mit ADHS Skaten als #Therapie anbietet. Wie geht es Jannis heute?

Video (in German):


@softgoat oh haha! hmm, probably just lettuce, tomato, onion, a slice of american cheese, and it would be served at a bob's big boy rather than a mcdonalds

@g nice try cheater but i'm not gonna fall for THAT old trick

“drugs”/weed question 

@softgoat go easy on it, cause edibles can hit hard once they hit. on the flip side, if it's your first time, you might not get anything out of it other than a cheesecake that tastes kinda weird!

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