@softgoat love2d is lua-based and does a lot of the annoying bits for you

goats are just the best animal and that's just that! you should all try being a goat once in a while

@softgoat hey a fellow peaceful player :D i prefer it to creative

good brain news 

feeling kinda numb today because my car is busted beyond repair and didn't pass inspection! the frame is about to break. i'm gonna look at fundraising options cause i can't take more comms right now but if you would like to help out in the meantime:


@oriole oh no!! i hope you will be back in it soon! ;w;

patreon question 

made a new patreon header that's a lil more Graphic Designy

new from penguin books... it's... my patreon (patreon.com/asswolf!)

got the mobile layout for my site working which means layout is basically done :blobcatmelt:

just gotta add a goaty pic for the about page and put some art up

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