"make it easy" still sounds like an antarctigo vespucci song to me, but i mean that in a good way cause i love AV

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feeling pretty OK, bulk of the move is done, got some important shit done. time to finally listen to the new WATU album (it rules so far)

fun story: when i was in high school, my art teacher let us plug our music players into her stereo and put on music (as long as it was agreeable enough). one time i put on radiohead (probably either OK computer or kid A) and a girl asked me if it was muse

i went to a technology camp in middle school and it was a great environment for getting and staying motivated with working on a game (and learning how to do so). managing it all myself? i'm not super confident about that. the most i've done "completely" on my own is make a technically playable demo of a card game

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parts of make game i feel most to least confident with:
• concept
• game design
• concept art
• music
• graphics
• writing
• programming

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(i'm mostly joking—if i were gonna go this route i'd wanna do it with a friend instead of a stranger. boy howdy would it be easier, though)

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unpopular opinion: someone should do the hard parts (read as: coding) of making my computer game for me and we'll split it 50/50

i'm pretty much the only person i know who grew up in mac land so, to me, having the control key (or equivalent—in my head it's "command") next to space bar makes the most sense

@softgoat hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

asking for money for food 

roommate doesn't get paid (from their job that's already fired them) until this friday and we need some food before then. link to their venmo and stuff in the quoted tweet under the link:


i like SKA DREAM better than NO DREAM but the breakdown on the original version of "scram!" still blows everything else out of the water

@flussence this was one of the first things i noticed about lopunny years ago

@masklayer immediately brings to mind the hercules disappointed thing

what if we started saying Q+ in place of LGBTQ+? it's 2 characters and 2 syllables

it must have been really really hard to find 10 anime that aren't appropriate for kids

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