dick & boobs & feeding & implied petplay 

@SpookyBiscuits yes! it makes me go non-verbal sometimes so my partner and i will use telegram to discuss things that are emotionally overwhelming

@AdalwinAmillion obviously this is an old tweet by now but trust me, you aren't missing anything! even as far as MMOs go, there are better options!

Exterminator (D. Gottlieb & Co., Premier Technology/Audiogenic Software, 1990) #DOSGaming

re: vore, absorption, balls, butt 

i thiiink that's all the art i have to post today!

implied stuffing, implied vore, public, embarrassment, harness & leash 

rubber, living suit 

bondage, gag, rubber, public 

vore, absorption, balls, butt 

food/candy sillypost 

@SpookyBiscuits do you have space/means to hang your clothes? :o it makes things way easier for me haha

hey open source nerds of masto! does anyone know if richard stallman's likeness is open source?

hey i made a stylus style to fix masto's layout!


it's pretty lightweight! just have it set to apply to whatever instance you use. for instance, mine is set to meow.social/web and taur.zone/web

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