pseudo-incest mention 

reading manga on a different site from usual & this site has quite a, uh, range of content

i think it's culturally important to occasionally remind people of the original strip from which the "alone on a friday night?" meme was created

i saw a discussion on here of an artfight "nipple acceptability chart" & it led to someone quoting artfight's female nipple rules.

i'm not a legal expert but AFAIK as someone who, y'know, knows about art… female nipples are not categorically considered obscene by US law, and i keep thinking about this and growing steadily more uncomfortable that they're framing it as their hands being tied & they're "taking a stand against sexism."

i'm open to a citation of US law that says otherwise but…

wikipedia said the new pokemon game is an action RPG so i went and watched the trailer and IDK, still looks pretty turn-based to me! what hint of interest i had in it was gone as soon as i saw this LOL.

i've always wished pokemon was an action game so i saw that & the tiny part of me that still holds fondness for pokemon lit up, but nope!

i've seen a bit of puyo puyo on here lately and the manga i'm reading has poyo poyo

making fun of bad things, fictional sexual assault & misogyny 

i found such an immensely cursed account on FA. it's all really bad drawings of disney's marvel's the hulk being An Alpha and Putting Bitches In Their Place and shit. it's all so bad and like, the same thing every pic. bizarre, creepy little fixation!

like maybe it's a joke but i dunno if that would make it any less cursed, y'know?

the other day i was posting some of my pogs on twitter and i posted one (pictured) that's not pepe le pew (and said as much in the tweet). some rando liked the post and i was like "huh? were you just searching for pepe le pew?" and i looked at his account and it's basically nothing but complaining about pepe le pew having been cancelled since march. truly transfixed on the horny cartoon skunk

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