commission ad, living rubber, modular 

5 slots open!

threw together a proper lil advert!

representative backgrounds start at $10, increasing based on complexity. no charge for solid color or transparent background!

ref sheet commission for someone from twitter! some sorta heartless crux type critter!

living rubber transformation 


commission for a friend of a friend on twitter! she wanted to turn into tess, so she is!

NSFW, living rubber suit, transformation 


august's patreon poll winner! a fun thing to do at parties is for everyone to take the same transformation potion and then try to figure out who's who!

wanna vote on or maybe even give drawing ideas? visit and sign up for as little as $1!

more concept stuff for this thing! doing some stuff used to do, but a lil better. if you're curious about the process check out my patreon to see how i do colors

made a reddit post about it ( but does anyone know a way to get GNOME to snap windows to a grid when i move/scale them? i'm not looking for tiling, just to clarify—i want my windows to tidily snap to a grid and align to each other nicely. my screenshot maybe shows why i want this better than anything else—i keep my main three programs (firefox, discord, telegram) around here for quick mouse-based switching, but it's not as tidy as it could be!

a game i like a lot on steam, refunct, got a proper linux port! by "proper" i mean "i can't change the resolution or put it in windowed mode" but it let me change the... scale? i guess? and that made it run smooth as silk on my dinky laptop with all the fancy lighting effects on, so, y'know!

i'm trying to get a win98 virtual machine going so i can play lego rock raiders and i get this error message, and it doesn't go away when i follow the directions. anyone know what's the issue? i found one other person having this issue, but they were trying to install a 64-bit OS, which windows 98 absolutely isn't

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ok i'm wicked confused! everyone says the retroarch PPA has all the cores, and the stable retroarch PPA says the testing PPA has "more cores" but these are the ONLY CORES i see! am i doing something wrong??

the flatpak has the core updater and i can get a buncha cores there but it has its own problems and i was hoping the PPA would work better but that's worthless to me without all the cores!

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get the FUCK outta here fire emblem, nobody gives a shit and nobody's here for whatever this bullshit is

y'know, it might not be the nineties, but i think folks might have a lot of time for klax right now!

if you wanna make the sidebar narrower (see image), you can use this! just pop it into the end of discord's <head> tag

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my post in the discord subreddit got deleted for ambiguous reasons not apparent from the TOS or community guidelines, so i'm lookin thru that moderator's comments! they "quote" rule 6 of the subreddit's rules a lot, but with text that isn't in the rule at all. weird!

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