it must have been really really hard to find 10 anime that aren't appropriate for kids

not a great sign when your wikipedia page looks like this

i love weird big unicellular organisms—each of these mushroom-looking things is a single cell (with a single nucleus!). mermaid's wine glass

started up pokemon soul silver to see how long i'm able to stay interested and here's some good glitches i've encountered thus far


a decade ago i started making animated vector art hypnosis icons like this and people loved em. contemplating seeing if anyone would be interested in buying them nowadays. i massively undercharged for em back then

nazism, making fun of someone but it's fine 

this gal's OC, adolf hitler, who is jewish and whose grandfather survived the holocaust, made a roller coaster for his parents' wedding anniversary called "the holocaust." his nazi dad stole the credit for it.

i'm not making this up, this is canon. this is what this lady creates for fun

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nazi imagery, making fun of someone but it's fine 

this is the pic that i saw on the front page of weasyl that sent me into this rabbit hole. the description is just the lyrics to the christmas carol "it came upon the midnight clear"

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