dick & boobs & feeding & implied petplay 

implied stuffing, implied vore, public, embarrassment, harness & leash 

rubber, living suit 

bondage, gag, rubber, public 

vore, absorption, balls, butt 

hey i made a stylus style to fix masto's layout!


it's pretty lightweight! just have it set to apply to whatever instance you use. for instance, mine is set to meow.social/web and taur.zone/web

so this is a very tentative thing given how it turned out last time, but it LOOKS like everything's good and i should be getting the laptop before long!

fundraiser deadline's up tomorrow and i'm going back & forth on if i should extend it out another couple weeks or just hope it's good! we're at 69% to the monetary goal (nice)

whatever happens, thanks a lot to everyone who's contributed! grab yourself a cold one and join me in the waiting game!

hyper dick & balls, weed, sloppy kiss 

suggestive, prominent cleavage 


tried doing backgrounds differently and it went a lot more smoothly and i like it better!

text version: goaty.neocities.org/textversio

commission! friend had a fun idea, so here we are! i put a weird amount of time into those objects, hahaha

if anyone would like one of these, you'll have to wait a bit cause i need to figure out how to price it, haha

detail shots of items on patreon: patreon.com/posts/30669700

suggestive, collar 

inflation, living rubber, large insertion 

crop of & link to porno (inflation, large insertion, living rubber, inflatable); patreon preview 


super got my eye on matt tomasello now cause all three of his fancy lad parts i've seen are just, like

matt tomasello: *does anything*

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