here's something i'm interested in seeing perspectives on:

is it ok for a game studio that owns an IP to sell a ROM someone else dumped under the condition that the ROM remain freely and legally available?

boosts are appreciated, interested in seeing perspectives about this

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@goaty Depends on how you define "freely", I suppose. Like, the studio owns the IP, so selling it would be legal and it would be " legally available", I think. But would the ROM being sold count as it being "freely" available? I mean, you can just get it, even if there is a fee attached. Is that fee impinging on one's ability to "freely" access it?

(Honestly, I might be misreading this. Not sure. I'm reading it as the ROM was dumped under the condition, not sold under it.)

@goaty Okay, just realized the reading I used isn't exactly a smart one. I mean, it's the studio's IP. No court is gonna rule against them on that, even if it's not "freely and legally available".

As for the other reading, yeah. Sounds fine to me.

@auravulpes yeah, definitely meant it the other way—the ROM is still free to just torrent or download or whatever, but also you can buy it repackaged by the studio that owns the IP

@goaty I don't think capitalism is okay period, but that also means I don't believe in copyright at all. Anyone should be free to make a work available to anyone else. So it's wrong, but because it's exploiting people who want to get a copy, irrespective of who dumped the ROM.


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