the disability pride flag whips ass honestly

@goaty That is brutally beautiful. I love the chase of black between the color stripes.

I never knew there was a disability pride flag but I'm going to be slapping it on everything from now on. Thank you.

@Skellington very very welcome! it was designed by ann magill, but she formally relinquished all copyright so it's totally free to use as you please!

there's a scalable vector version on wikimedia if that's something you're interested in:

@goaty the 6 colours kinda blehs me tbh, and the double-zigzag. Just a bit too much going on but nitpicking.
Before that one was anywhere more than the original blog post I actually had a go designing one myself. Interesting that we went for some similar features!

@goaty here’s the thread where I went into it:

Mine was designed from a perspective of neurodivergence.

@goaty most of all I’m glad there’s something people can go for and use, even if the number of colours makes it a little hard to remember and use as accents in other designs

@s0 in all honesty, i prefer magill's design, tho i do like the colors of yours! i think the zigzag in particular makes a bold visual statement and helps it stand out as a flag

@goaty thanks for the feedback! I totally see what you’re saying

@goaty It is pretty cool. Its sheer intensity makes it ironically painful to look at with my sensory processing issues, tho.

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