what is your preferred means of content distribution?


i like physical media a lot, personally, but i'm ok with digital download as long as it's guaranteed i'll be able to access the content forever (which makes me particularly leery toward consoles)

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for me physical media is like, a treat. i finally started getting into records (no record player yet)

it's the Thingness of it, i think. it's a Thing. a solid, physical Thing. i particularly like liner notes and game manuals. i'm super fine with ebooks tho LOL

mainly because i have an e-ink ebook reader. much nicer for reading than computer or phone screen

comics are nice physical, tho i'm mostly into manga or omnibuses, so thicker books. but text-only books? digital's nicer for me as long as i can access it forever

that said, i own many books, most of which i cling to out of nostalgia LOL

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