how do you cool your computer? please boost as far as possible, i'm really curious to see how many people oil cool their computers

wow, a lot of people use passive cooling! i should've included that as an option

@goaty I simply live in the coldest apartment on the face of the earth

@goaty Absolutely nobody. Including the guys who published the photos and blogs of their meme setups.


I don't know / I don't care at all - but im pretty sure it's fans.

@goaty I got a single loop water cpu cooler with my secondhand parts and it stressed me out, glad im back to only fans (hah)

@goaty Pretty sure mine is dust-cooled at this point...

@goaty my little laptops use heat conduction through metal, the best type of cooling.

To be fair, above some level of CPU usage, that's inpractical? But ideally, during low CPU conditions, plain conduction is how it cools...

@goaty my main laptop doesn't succeed at it.. Maybe i should follow this it read 43C before, with a threshhold is 50C maybe it won't reach it with fans off.. But pwmconfig doesn't detect any for me..

NBFC is "for notebooks", my laptop isn't on the list.. So doing that would be a whole thing...

@goaty i have a damp washcloth i stick in the freezer because i have a laptop

@goaty (Actually, my main computer doesn't work anymore, so I am now stuck with my Pinebook Pro that doesn't have any active cooling)

@goaty Not all fans are equal. Noctua fans are my go to brand for cooling. They're extremely efficient and very quiet.

@goaty You only have one computer? 😅

My main dev/linux box uses a water AIO, gaming was a pre-built with fan, file server has a fan and there are two laptops (work and home) that are, of course, fans.

@djsumdog hadn't considered that when i made the poll! my desktop uses fans, as does my laptop (obviously)

I had one water cooler. Worked fine.

Used a Noctua cooler that was half the cost of the cheapest AIO water coolers. Less noise, cooler temps.

I'll never go back to liquid.

@goaty once built an oil cooled computer but then the case cracked and leaked like 7 gallons of it into my carpet 😭

@goaty amazingly enough the computer was fine. I cleaned it up the best I could and stuck it in a regular tower.

@vandys the number of folks who've said this makes it clear i ought to have included it as a dedicated option in the poll!

@goaty Fans here! Only ever used laptops, but we /want/ a desktop and that's also gonna be fans.

bad joke 

*sees poll results*

@goaty my computer is cold blooded I have to shine a lamp on it

@goaty @monoxyd standard heatsink + fan, although I go Overkill on the heatsinks and very silent on the fans.

@claudius this whole poll has made me very interested in passive cooling, not gonna lie

@goaty I ended up putting this massive hunk of metal into my computer:

It's expensive as hell, but I don't regret it.

@Kurty00 some respondents on twitter have reported "hot sauce," "milk," and "ghost stories" as alternative cooling methods

@goaty So how many people so far have answered Novec?

@goaty Heavily into water for many years. At first for overclocking, later for low noise. Woke up to a horrible smell one morning... pump died, caught the anti-vibration pad it was mounted to on fire, and was spreading (ironic...).That box was running 24/7 for years, then suddenly decided to burn my house down. Pump was well past it's MTBF rating, but I've sworn off watercooling ever since. Now living the fanless life.

@tofu oh jeez! that's awful!! understandable that you'd switch

@goaty No real need to watercool CPUs these days anyway... not much performance to gain by overclocking, and way more efficient with the teeny tiny architecture and lower TDPs now. Hyper212+ and some PWM Noctuas is a hard combination to beat for most applications.

@goaty I would never try this but apparently you can cool a PC with vodka.

(I just use fans, myself.)

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