i made it so whenever i close a window on my computer it explodes into thousands of tiny pieces and damned if that ain't satisfying as hell


1) How?

2) Does it run on linux, because if so I want it.

@The1AndMany @goaty I'm pretty sure Compiz does this? It's been several years since I've last used Compiz, but I seem to recall that being a thing.

If it's a fancy effect at all related to window management, it's probably Linux, and it's probably Compiz. (:

Whether you can actually use Compiz depends on what desktop environment you use. KDE lets you swap out if I recall (although I can't find it now, hmm), as does XFCE I believe. A lot of GNOMish ones don't.

@IceWolf @goaty Can confirm that Compiz at least has a similar effect (plus a few others I want to try) in their animation plugin, and they do support appear to support Ubuntu. Will try to install and configure after breakfast. Thanks!

@IceWolf @goaty Update: Looks like Ubuntu 18.04 dropped support for Compiz. I still found a plugin for the wobbly windows effect, though.

@The1AndMany @goaty What do you mean "Ubuntu 18.04 dropped support for Compiz"? Compiz itself is unmaintained? Or it's not supported *in the default DE*?

Because if it's a matter of support in the DE, you can always switch them. (And have multiple installed, even; it's just a matter of picking one at login.)

@IceWolf @goaty According to this Stack Exchange entry I found,

"Ubuntu 18.04 dropped support for the Unity desktop compositor in favour of GNOME Shell. GNOME Shell is incompatible with Compiz."

@The1AndMany @goaty Oh, okay. Yeah, just install a non-Gnomish desktop and you should be fine. Like XFCE, or probably KDE.

@The1AndMany it's in my system settings under workspace behavior as "fall apart"—i'm running KDE neon, and it looks like it's a part of KWin, so if you use KDE plasma you probably have it? i don't have much experience with other distros, though! :blobcatbreadpeek:

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