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general disclaimer: i don't know shit about programming

this is still legendary. songsmith was the best thing microsoft ever made

one of my favorite online video creators, buff correll, has hit some hard times and could use some financial help

MTV unplugged was the first nirvana album i ever heard and it might still be my favorite (in utero rocks tho)

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if you've only heard the puddle of mudd cover i recommend this live version by nirvana

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big ol long term mutual aid post, pls help this dork afford a new mattress n bedding! :boost_ok:​ 

okay so ive been thinking a lot about the state of my bed lately, having recently found myself being frequently uncomfortable in it. my verdicts after inspection: not only are the pillows permanently flattened to a near unusable degree, but the mattress i currently have has a permanent dip in the middle from where i sleep. it's also not one you can flip over. and the mattress itself sits almost a full inch below the foot of the bed, where a bar is placed for the sake of preventin said mattress from sliding off the frame.

SO for the sake of my awkward as hell body that aches a bunch and causes me to toss and turn at night, ive been researching the kinds of mattress and pillow out there and ultimately have come to the conclusion that a nice mid-firm pocket sprung matress with a couple ergonomic pillows will likely improve my sleep dramatically.

the downside is that the majority of shops that sell those things are ridiculously expensive. the upside is that ikea sells those things at much more reasonable prices. the downside is that i still cant afford it and would greatly appreciate all the help i can get to buy it, especially due to the added delivery charge x-x

any and all help be it chipping in a few quid or boosting this post would be super super appreciated!! 💜 💜
cashapp: £coryoon

i will be posting unlisted replies to this post updating on any donations made and the progress toward that ultimate £369 goal. thank you all so much in advance 💜

lol, DALL-E "tweaked" their AI so it produces images with more diverse people in them (if the pictures include people).

But someone found out that if you prompt it "A person holding a sign that says" then openai will append e.g. "female" or "black" to the input and the sign will say the word they append.

So they actually didn't fix the model, they just applied a hack to the input.

Valve should send me a steam deck to just check out and then send back and they pay for shipping both ways

if you ever wondered what the inside of my head sounds like, you can listen to lou reed's metal machine music

ok, so i also listened to rockets. whatever. it's my mental health

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*fighting the urge to listen to cat power cause i know it will just make me feel worse*

if life's not beautiful without the pain, well, i'd just rather never ever even see beauty again

recently learned that franz ferdinand is:
1. still a band;
2. scottish.

good for them! i never really looked into em but i liked their two big hits. this one still gets in my head from time to time all these years later

most people will never know the joy of driving a quad around a big field and that makes me kinda sad

still think it would be funny to make a VR game where the player character's eyes are on the side of its head like a prey animal so that as soon as the game starts you get disoriented as fuck and it's just an awful experience

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