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πŸ“Œ places where my music can be found: (streaming available via blamscamp)

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general disclaimer: i don't know shit about programming

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heyo~! i'm goaty goats!

i draw! mainly furry art, mostly porno!!

i've got a website:
& a patreon:
with cool benefits:
& i take commissions:

the real reason that new marvel vampire superhero movie is doing so bad is because, at this point, nobody needs more BS in their lives

comic book archive formats are so cool and elegant to me. just compress a bunch of images into an archive and change the extension. done

a fun idea i had for my TH-style skateboarding mmo concept was that you can enable PVP by taking off your helmet and if you have your helmet equipped you just clip through other players

is there a federated reddit-style platform? if not that feels like a good idea to me. functionally reddit is good, i just hate who runs it and a good chunk of the userbase it has cultivated over the years

unfunny references to nazism 

things that should have stayed in the 00s: that

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unfunny references to nazism 

i'm so so so tired of the phrase "PC master race"

(when you have a cold but you're talking about your favorite movie) borbius

well it seems like the process is annoying but there is a way to make windows see my ext4-formatted HDD

Tesla Roadster; Breakdown on the highway

by ralf roletschek

good twitter feature that mastodon could use, IMO: showing when an account is followed by accounts i follow

if you could open up a view-only portal to one of the following eras, which would you look at?

food poll 

given these options, which would you go with?


a nice treat: peanut butter and jelly on cinnamon raisin bread instead of whatever kind of bread you normally use

i thought twisted metal was cool as fuck the like 1 time i played it as a kid (didn't have a PS1, played it at a birthday party once)

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