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heyo~! i'm goaty goats!

i draw! mainly furry art, mostly porno!!

i've got a website:
& a patreon:
with cool benefits:
& i take commissions:

thinkin bout my website. i've got some (hopefully unobtrusive) animation in the background ( to see) and i'm wondering if:

1. it's worth it
2. it'd be better to just have a single APNG or keep using CSS animation

i think what i'm doing now is fine though, probably. 30–60 fps on my laptop with no GPU

not sure what the issue was but running nautilus ("files") in debug mode made it connect!

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anyone use pop os and have any idea why SFTP times out with every file manager i try to use? i can SSH via terminal just fine, but "files," thunar, and dolphin all time out!

explicit, illustration, furry 

made a new junk ref

#ref #furry #fursona

updated post:

i’m looking to leave my current living situation due to many many reasons and need a place to stay for at least a couple months. i don’t have any money to help with rent, but will gladly help around the house, plus will try to look for work after getting settled in. i do not have a GED or drivers license.

someone has offered a voucher for a bus that’d take me mostly anywhere on the east coast. i have enough to get a bag to put my stuff in. all i need now is a place.

As lead singer of The Faint, (formerly Norman Bailer), Fink has expanded his musical repertoire from the Commander Venus/Park Ave.-reminiscent Media to the more mature, acid-freak-out records Blank-Wave Arcade and Danse Macabre to the slightly mellowed Wet from Birth. With Fink in The Faint is his brother Clark Baechle on drums; Jacob Thiele on synth; Joel Peterson on bass; and the mysterious "Dapose" on guitar (Dapose joined the band during the recording of Danse Macabre).

hey, i know it's a lot to ask, even moreso with recent events, but i have to ask

if anyone in NC (or willing to drive to central NC) is willing to pick up and indefinitely take in a trans girl with no source of income and no driver's license, i would really appreciate it.

i will do chores to the best of my ability, just give me a place to put my clothes, my switch, and my laptop, along with various other small things. i will also try to look for work, however, i do not have a GED so it's tough Hey I need a bit of money for some stuff, groceries and cleaning stuff! Please help out.

oh huh, the flatpak properly scales to my hidpi display

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anyone else having this issue?? this seems like a weird issue. like i uninstalled and reinstalled and still get this message when i install via apt

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GNU IMP suddenly doesn't work after upgrading to pop os 20.04 but i think it might be an issue with ubuntu rather than pop:

GEGL version too old!

GIMP requires GEGL version 0.4.22 or later.
Installed GEGL version is 0.4.18.

Somehow you or your software packager managed
to install GIMP with an older GEGL version.

Please upgrade to GEGL version 0.4.22 or later.

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just like twooo horses~

wow! never drawn something like this before! sorry if it's yucky!

based on an exchange between me and @g

full size on patreon:

furry porn genitalia talk 

seems folks have horse cock on the mind today!! good choice!

i shouldn't talk cause, well, see previous comments re: my coding knowledge, but imo full-3D level editors should use WASD (or similar) & mouselook, plus vertical movement keys. maybe this is hard to do? slade has this functionality, but id tech 1's certainly a simpler engine

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