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heyo~! i'm goaty goats!

i draw! mainly furry art, mostly porno!!

i've got a website:
& a patreon:
with cool benefits:
& i take commissions:

goats are just the best animal and that's just that! you should all try being a goat once in a while

feeling kinda numb today because my car is busted beyond repair and didn't pass inspection! the frame is about to break. i'm gonna look at fundraising options cause i can't take more comms right now but if you would like to help out in the meantime:

made a new patreon header that's a lil more Graphic Designy

new from penguin books... it's... my patreon (!)

got the mobile layout for my site working which means layout is basically done :blobcatmelt:

just gotta add a goaty pic for the about page and put some art up

friends helped me build up to it! i am staying home

tryna convince myself to just not go to work today cause i feel not good!

mastodon complaint: i can't see who replied to a post i made yesterday cause they're on a muted instance (, probably)

i'm way behind on my timeline here and it's stressing me out! oops!

in 99, williams made the pinball 2000 platform, which was really neat—it used an optical illusion involving mirrors to put computer graphics on the play field. they made two games with it and then stopped making pinball machines. whose fault? star wars

i made a new post on patreon! it's just stuff i've posted already (mostly here) with some additional words about the pics. just in case you were interested!

up to --> 3 <-- POSTS now! lmao

(cw: nudity, thumbnails of fat furry butts)

i NEED this lil guy. look at him noot

(cw: glass pipe for tobacco use only)

i'm continually trying to make a theme for the game i wanna make, and this is a possible contender i came up with earlier today

i think i unknowingly ripped off some other song george harrison style but whatever!!

warning for out-of-tune guitar and also my voice. most of my music starts out like this actually!

how i like to come up with melodies is by playing the chords and humming/singing stuff over it until i come up with a complete thing i like and then transcribing that

vic doggy style (cw: nudity, fat butt, smoking) 


i started this while in the car. don't worry, i wasn't driving at the same time!!

my big moods lately:
• being a kitty cat
• demons
• living toys

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