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heyo~! i'm goaty goats!

i draw! mainly furry art, mostly porno!!

i've got a website:
& a patreon:
with cool benefits:
& i take commissions:

it's not too surprising (the queerphobia) given south korean culture from what i know of it

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current president seems to be an improvement—wants to reform the big conglomerates (chaebols) like samsung, hyundai, and LG; raised the minimum wage; lowered the maximum workweek. he still sucks shit cause he hates queers but hey, y'know?

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well, i got really really angry about phones for a bit there (more on twitter than on here cause, well, y'know, The Engagement) but now i'm falling into a wikipedia hole about south korea.

i knew south korea's last elected president was in prison but i didn't realize the one before her was, too. also didn't realize she was the daughter of south korea's first president/military dictator. falling in this hole because of samsung's chairman (currently in prison for bribing ex-president)

and then you select "any 5G" and it plummets to 0 results

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with nothing else checked but "available," the amount of phones on GSM arena goes from 2043 to 148 when you check "removable battery" and that's disgusting

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there's something so fundamentally fucked up about not being able to replace the god damn battery in your phone

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god phones are so depressing hahaha. i went on GSM arena and looked for phones using these criteria:
• removable battery
• 3.5mm jack
• ≥16MP main camera
• expandable storage
• android 11
• not discontinued
and got 2 results. i turned off "removable battery" and got 127 results

🚨 Update! 🚨 🏠:blobgoatreach:

We only need about $350 more (1500 total) before the end of June so we can find a new place before our lease ends in August! Anything helps!


jeff rosenstock hype got so powerful that ticketmaster crashed. love it

our ISP gave us a defective router so we had to go back today to pick up a replacement LOL

my understanding of djent is you play it on the lowest string of your guitar and the more strings your guitar has the better

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hey does anyone know if djent is real or if it's a joke or like, used to be a joke but isn't anymore? any djentsters in the audience? do any of you know what djent is? do i?

my brain insists on interpreting the mascot completely differently from how it's intended. it's supposed to just be a sitting cat but i see a lil standing cat guy when i see it super small (which is generally how i see it)

remember when nintendo virtue signaled hard to get american queers hyped by calling binary gender "style" in english in animal crossing (but did not do this in japanese—it's just sex in japan)? and how tomodachi life didn't have same-sex relationships because "wahhh it would be too hard to add that to our life simulation game!!!!" anyway, fuck nintendo and fuck the nintendo hype LOL. nintendo isn't your friend, nintendo is a business that wants your money.

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