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general disclaimer: i don't know shit about programming

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heyo~! i'm goaty goats!

i draw! mainly furry art, mostly porno!!

i've got a website:
& a patreon:
with cool benefits:
& i take commissions:

Coming up this weekend on Shetani Plays, I'll be taking a look at the brand-new Valheim: Hearth and Home update with my first ever special guest @squiiks !
We're starting this Sunday at 5 PM Eastern. Check out to see when it begins in your timezone and sign up for notifications.
I'm letting folks know a little bit ahead of time since this is a super important stream for me!

i think a just cause style game set in an america run by a reagan or bush style figure would be sick

food and also money 

low-sugar yogurt cups are 23¢/oz while high-sugar yogurt cups are 5¢/oz. it's absurd

annoyed about religion shit 

seeing a lot of anti-atheist and specifically anti-anti-theist stuff on twitter lately and it's a real fucking downer

idea: social media site where the like count stops updating at 69

whenever i see folks complaining about inkscape i think about the time i was having an issue with it, tweeted about it, and one of the devs was coincidentally doing a stream about it and took the time to try and fix the problem i was having—and succeeded!

wow people are really excited about the disability pride flag. cool!

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the time has come… i have finally opened up mastodon and seen 15 notifications and it did not then go away


coconut cream is so nice. we got these coconut cream frozen tube things and they're so fuckin good

And Travis has apparently become even worse.

If you're still on there, get the fudge off *now*:

here's something i'm interested in seeing perspectives on:

is it ok for a game studio that owns an IP to sell a ROM someone else dumped under the condition that the ROM remain freely and legally available?

boosts are appreciated, interested in seeing perspectives about this

funny thing: i dunno how to put in emoji on ubuntu so i just look things up online if i'm typing in something that doesn't have an emoji picker

checking out front mission 3 cause i've been in a mech mood lately

wario land 1 is not as good as wario land 2. when wario is immortal, he's more interesting and allows for more interesting gameplay. which isn't to say wario land isn't interesting, just that it's less interesting (and IMO less fun) than WL2

super mario land 2 is, by far, the mario game i have played the most other than mario kart DS (if that counts). when i was a kid another kid stole my cart tho, still sore about that. took wario land, too

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