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general disclaimer: i don't know shit about programming

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heyo~! i'm goaty goats!

i draw! mainly furry art, mostly porno!!

i've got a website:
& a patreon:
with cool benefits:
& i take commissions:


it's december 1st so i bet a lot of people are cumming right now

love this stupid tiny icon with no indicator bar beneath it

is microsoft the disney of computer games?

minecraft launcher doesn't scale right on hidpi linux & the issue has been unresolved since 2019. thanks microsoft!

lol, remember when nintendo took all copies of its defunct magazine off the internet archive and had the gall to say "The unapproved use of Nintendo's intellectual property can weaken our ability to protect and preserve it?"

this popped into my head in the shower this morning and now you have to look at it

a coworker of mine had a tour of the internet archive ( yesterday, and it's absolutely beautiful. they've got the use of an old church in san fran, and so they set up server racks in beautiful arched alcoves and leave the bulk of the space alone. it's absolutely gorgeous, makes me wish I worked there if it was outside the US.

sort of food but not really because it's AI-generated 

hope you saved room for a nice dessert!

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sort of food but not really because it's AI-generated 

and that was just the first course!

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sort of food but not really because it's AI-generated 

who's hungry? i've got more normal food for everyone!

you either played bugdom as a kid or you didn't. that's the two types of people in the world

Loved this YouTube video about Fade to Black and Cyberbykes demos. Couldn't stop laughing 😂
It's always nice to see a video about old stuff that doesn't wallow in nostalgia

i made a post on twitter replying to a breadtuber that i kinda regret cause republicans are trying to make fun of me but like… i dunno, they're just not good at it, so i don't feel threatened or anything!

my last post is a mastodon exclusive. i refuse to screenshot my post and add alt text just for twitter. it's so fucking asinine.

i'm more active on twitter than i am on mastodon but that's because, like most people, i crave engagement and nobody's on here! overall i prefer this place, tho its far, far, far, far, far from my ideal.

"don't recommend this channel" functionality is still just such a sight for sore eyes. i've wanted this for so long. you see something you know you want no part of and you tell YT "no. don't show me that one" and they just don't show you that channel ever again. it's beautiful. nature is healing. the world is retaking what is rightfully its own, and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

and really my end game is just "ranting about a weird thing online" but what happens from there? why put the thoughts down? they're not going to leave my head just because i commit them to text. they don't even weigh heavy upon me to start with—i literally just have an observation, devoid of judgement, about a stranger on the internet.

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you ever have a vaguely public figure that you want to talk about online, but you're worried you'll needlessly stir the pot, so you try to figure out how to talk about em vaguely, but you kinda can't without it either being vague to the point of meaninglessness or ultimately obvious who it's about to anyone who does a bit of digging?

& then you go "what's going to happen if i talk about this? what will i accomplish? a couple likes? people asking me who i'm talking about? what's my end game?"

people who include subtitle files in torrents are unsung heroes

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