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Found one, but it's doing weird stuff with rotation and scaling (and tiling the input stream!?) but that's probably (hopefully) configurable.

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is it just me, or does the phrase "old fashioned" seem a bit old fashioned?

Found one and ordered it. Now it's a race to see if it shows up before Halloween.
I guess I should start work on the other parts of this project.

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Does anyone have recommended high-DPI HDMI USB-powered screens for use in a rig? I'm going to be slotting all this into a Google Cardboard knockoff, so probably 5.5-7" screens?

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Oh, joy, my order has arrived! This will be the brains of a passthrough VR rig which should allow new types of costume heads and masks and suchlike.

Now to figure out how heads do their eye matrixes.

clicking on a post that says "cw: medusa, ec" and immediately turning into stone

Concept: a culture where people who can enter a shamanic flow state of supernatural perception are a distinct social role, with associated expectations and stereotypes

“Trancegender,” if you will

Massless Ferguson, the galaxy's foremost manufacturer of tractor beams

Speculating about Sinh's blue-ness 

@Prawnlegs random headcanon on why Sinh is blue: because they drank a lot of silver iodide. They did it on purpose. The blue-ness is a side effect of being so tainted with silver their body is impossible for any Noble to possess.

if you commit a crime and are then cryogenically frozen or experience time dilation, does the statute of limitations count only the years as you experienced them, or does it count the longer period that the state has experienced?

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the word down is just clown with bad keming~
so if you're ever feeling down
just remember... clown

more quick sketches of characters from @KittyUnpretty 's Astielle because they are living rent-free in my mind

Darn, my order is further delayed. I hope it comes before October, because that's part of my and plans.

It's an urban legend that Oppenheimer said "I am become death, destroyer of worlds" after witnessing the first successful atomic bomb detonation. What he actually said was "wow, this blew up, check out my soundcloud"

Imma adopt a soon, in a house which may not be sufficiently cat-proofed. What do I need to know?

Passthrough in a head: Good idea? Bad idea? Thoughts or opinions? I'm going to be building a generic rig for use as a Utopian visor from but wonder if anyone's done it for fursuits.

(Autocorrect wanted that last word to be "Fūraimatsu"? The heck?)

ADHD historical question :boost_requested:​ 

what was ADHD treatment and support like in the late 90s and early 2000s?

I know things have changed quite a lot in the time since then, so I want to know to what extent the coping skills I'm self-teaching now could have been taught sooner, had I had access to treatment

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