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Passthrough in a head: Good idea? Bad idea? Thoughts or opinions? I'm going to be building a generic rig for use as a Utopian visor from but wonder if anyone's done it for fursuits.

(Autocorrect wanted that last word to be "FΕ«raimatsu"? The heck?)

ADHD historical question :boost_requested:​ 

what was ADHD treatment and support like in the late 90s and early 2000s?

I know things have changed quite a lot in the time since then, so I want to know to what extent the coping skills I'm self-teaching now could have been taught sooner, had I had access to treatment

*transatlantic accent* yes operator? get me klondike 420 69. *rings* hello, we've been trying to reach you about your horse's extended warranty

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I'm rereading , and it's just.
For like years I wanted to be a skybax rider when I grew up.

It is very nice to have daylight once again. The longer days are quite a mood boost, even if they are throwing off my sense of time in the workday.

I know the ad algorithm isn't actually reading my thoughts, but like, it's still weird that I got an ad for a thing I never mentioned to anyone that I was thinking about in the shower this morning, when that thing was "high end lever-style doorknobs"?

dapper professor is the only attractive gender of man send tweed

When buying large appliances, subtract half an inch from the width of your doors, because that much clearance is needed at minimum. As I discovered. To my chagrin.

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New short story:

This is the story of a guy going about his job, doing what's needed and necessary in accordance with regulations. #writing #fantasy #shortstory

body amusement, crafting 

It has been a month since I last shellacked, yet I still have shellac on my thumbnail. How.

programming humor 

PHP Code Beautifier and Fixer? More like PHP Can't Be Fucked!

I stopped by the local Ace Hardware to say hi and show them the head, because it has been a project they've seen me work on for years. My buddy there was just ecstatic to see this year's final product, which he had contributed some ideas to.

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when i die i want my obituary to list all the domain names i controlled and for how long

Hot glue guns often come with a small pack of glue sticks. This is enough for one (1) project.

When you buy your hot glue gun, buy a couple hundred sticks. You'll save time and shopping trips in the long run.

Source: the 40 hot glue sticks I burned through today.

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