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Conversations in the #Radchdome today led me to contemplate a Looney Tunes/Dune crossover.

Here's a ~150-word opening scene I wrote:

And here's my photo edit of Yosemite Sam in Sting's codpiece:

Artists who color lineart, a question:
Compared to coloring underneath lineart or doing things with selections, how does using G'mic or other intelligent color-fill programs feel?

`wget -c` continues to be the apache directory index file downloader's friend.

why are there no snakes in minescraft i want square noodles

mild pain; headaches 

Every once in a while I have a headache in a very specific spot of my head, on the right side along a line from the top of my head forwards a bit. It's usually when dehydrated, but it's such a focused headache that I wonder whether if it's something else.

Tonight it seems stronger; down into my sinuses.

international day of appreciation for cis and/or cis-ish people with complicated relationships to their genders

okay hear me out, I gotta invention: a nametag that always shows the name of whoever you're talking to. you might be like "isn't that what nametags usually do" but no, I mean, the nametag *you* wear always shows the *other* person's name

the existence of femboys and tomboys imply the existence of femgirls and tomgirls

"please describe your idea of a perfect date" me: ISO 8601

an academic paper on the vernacular architecture of minecraft

Today I learned what TTY tones sound like to the unaided ear: not like dialtones, nowhere near as high-bandwidth as dialup. If they were slowed down to half speed, they might be human-comprehensible, like Morse code.

My research has revealed that "worm on a string" is a legless species of fox.

I will not be taking any questions at this time.

complaining about noise 

in the last week, Someone as started driving around my neighborhood, blocks away from me, blasting bass loud and low enough to wobble my eardrums. I know hearing is the vibration of the eardrum, but this is like when you've got water in your ear canal from swimming and have to shake it out.

me: mom can we get folding
mom: we have folding at home
folding at home: (advances cancer research)

@else off the top of your head, are there standards set anywhere for subway platform widths? I need to figure out how wide to make a central island platform in a metro station (double tracks either side), and I'm wondering if 16ft is okay, or if I'm doing that because it's convenient in this modelling program.

Once I figure out which outlet to plug my iron into, I'm going to make a facemask following the "Taiwan pattern" with a pocket for an insertable filter.

But first, I have to figure out which outlet to plug my iron into.

the genre of music that comes from people singing their way through isolation will be called "quaran-tunes"

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