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a coming-of-age queer superhero novel called confessions of a teenage fire hazard

omg I just realized :awoo: also sounds like the Doppler effect. My new fursona is a train that goes awoo

Stylist: So what color did you want to dye your hair?

Me: *pulls out ref sheet*

Here's how I built this 2019's Halloween spider head:

It's based on a volans, and though I don't call these costumes fursuits, it could be considered a construction tutorial.

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Spent a chunk of today doing more documentation of the 2019 and 2018 head builds; wrapping up the bit for construction of the skull itself.

I'm still not done with the new pedipalps, so I'll move on to documenting the eyes.

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The Tapir-Wolf Hypothesis, which suggests that a person's fursona affects their worldview and cognition,

question re: ballsack and soy sauce 

The pedipalp is composed of two limb segments joined by a simple hinge, and the proximal segment is attached to the head with another simple hinge.

But the angle of the hinges is such that the distal segment is splayed in an unnatural fashion.

The only ways I can see to fix this are:
1. Cut the proximal segment in half, drill holes, reattach at angle
2. Ditch the extant distal segment, and rebuild to accommodate the hinge at an angle.

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no-context tech shitposting 

it's cosplay night 

family, negative USpol, venting 

I suppose it's time for . Feel free to grab an prompt, draw a CAH black card, or roll your Rory's Story Cubes for a prompt.

We have furries, and scalies. What is it when your sona is a bug? Exoskelly?

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