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I suppose it's time for . Feel free to grab an prompt, draw a CAH black card, or roll your Rory's Story Cubes for a prompt.

We have furries, and scalies. What is it when your sona is a bug? Exoskelly?


@alexis @else third and final interpretation: the third gender is all instances of the "space" character in unicode. this gender permeates all typed text, which is why the internet is so queer.

I spent the last hour and a half sewing and watching The Mandalorian.

The village in episode 4 has an interesting quirk of costume design: their clothes, like the krill they harvest, are blue-green. (at least, under f.lux.) Is this an indication that they process the krill into dye?

Serious question: does Hallmark make "Happy first dose of E" cards?

Gender bender, but it's like fender bender. Like, I bumped into someone and got a dent in my gender.


Why give color names to your subway or mass transit lines? Why not animal names?

β€œYeah, take the Ferret for five stops then transfer to Marten, then ride Marten all the way out to the airport”



We are looking for short story submissions that explore the implications of non-cisgender life within the context of furry. There is no restriction on gender of characters or perceived orientation, including anywhere on the asexuality spectrum. Though the set and setting may be tough and the plot may involve hardships, the characters should be treated with sensitivity and care.

Open December 1!

concept: "gender rehearsal" parties where you can go for an hour or two and try out being a different gender. no commitment or anything, just a good space for answering the question "what would it be like if i was a dude" etc


@else Have you seen the YouTube series where they visit all the least-used stations in Britain? It's interesting infrastructure commentary.

[Spider-Man Noir voice]
You ever look in a mirror and get distracted by your own eye color?

misheard, nsfw overheard 

shitpost with a side of drug mention 

Not Safe For Work 

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