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βœ… shopping for jaw hinge bolts
βœ… new can of clear coat
βœ… eye lens and socket rough sculpts
βœ… pedipalp sculpts

Next up in the project:
- eye fine shaping and glue
- paint pedipalps, eyes
- cut, affix tendons
- glue on floof

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Petition to replace "Thanksgiving" with "The Feast of St. Turkey"

Spray paint cans be like:

> Surrounding areas do not have to be masked off. After application simply remove the product from the areas it is not desired by peeling or wiping away with a dry cloth.
> For personal safety, do mask headlights, taillights, side mirrors, tires, brakes, calipers, windows, and electrical connectors.

I do not understand how this paint can label received regulatory approval.

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Number of times today a can of spraypaint has exploded in my face: 1

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Hi there if you are in America I suggest you ASAP contact your congressperson and ask them to oppose the CASE act, a weird copyright bill being voted on tomorrow


Verge article:

Short version: Now in addition to normal courts plus the DMCA there'd be this new weird copyright quasi-court. By my read if notice is served and you don't respond within 60 days you could get hit with a $15,000 fine as default judgement. Sounds really easy to abuse.

Writing down my hypotheses for tomorrow's paint experimentation:

- putting a couple coats of clear gloss paint on top of the automotive sparkle paint will improve its optical quality by smoothing out the bumps
- the optimal number of layers of sparkle is between 5 and 10, and 20+ will be absurd

If the sparkle/gloss paint hypotheses fail, I'll do some testing with light coats of black spraypaint.

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yes, there will be pictures later of the "toadstool" setup for forming plexiglas

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For these lenses, I've found that the optimal way to form plexiglass in my toaster oven is to bake to around a quarter of the way between 350F and 400F on the temperature dial, for "dark toast" amount of time (less than 10 minutes), and that gets the plexiglass pliant enough to deform by hand with leather gloves.

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Since last toot:
- discovered the grocer's is out of bamboo skewers
- applied more papier-mΓ’chΓ© to the skull, for more rigidity
- cut wood for the skull side of the pedipalp hinges
- cut more plexiglass blanks for spider eyes
- found a brilliant iridescent vinyl that is exactly the color I wanted, except it's opaque :(
- found an iridescent spraypaint that might work, started testing it on scrap plexiglass
- knocked together a larger lens mould from a salsa jar lid
- started forming more lenses

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impolite commentary upon other's body 

I saw someone today whose thighs were as thick as my forearms, and my forearms are not exceptionally thick. Now I wonder what that person's daily life is like. Do they bot walk places? Do they have a disease that prevents the accumulation of mass in muscle and fat? Is it just happenstance? They were on the waifish side of gracile, yet in apparently good wealth and social position.

idly built a lil tube thingy with legos and decided to look through it, and the result was kinda neat

How did I misplace an entire bag of bamboo skewers? I should have like a hundred left.

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Seems like another night for , what with all the ~politics~ floating in the airwaves tonight.

It turns out that the local alt weekly uses a yellow ink that is more water-soluble than any of the other inks in the paper. My fingertips are now bright yellow.

No I will not be posting photos.

Gonna go raid the newsbins for more alt weeklies.

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This head is functionally a paper shell with a reinforcing wire armature that's held in place with spray foam. The spray foam provides a lot of rigidity, but only if it's more than half an inch thick. If I want to be able to see out of the skull as well as I'd like to, I'm going to have to shave the foam in the top of the skull practically down to the paper.

So for the first time in a couple years, I'm gonna paper-mache the head for added rigidity.

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drug joke 

who called it shooting heroin and not dependency injection send toot

They're cleaning the windows at my office, which is always super weird, cuz you just look up and there's a person dangling from a rope outside the 10th floor window

Twister, but it's easy to clean up 

This Twister mat is a big, washable towel made with innovative colored fibers that are bleach- and stain-resistant.

The manual includes things such as "How to remove blood from the towel".

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