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nude, but that's it 

I will neither confirm nor deny that I am Beto O'Rourke

Joined a conference call, wore last year's spider head, got called Beto O'Rourke

Status update:
- "Put on" is still on my todo list
- Currently planning to redo that Maratus volans head for 2019, with better pedipalp construction and articulation.

🎵 Who knew unicode / Had a glyph that showed / A giant woman 🎵

nsfw, "Elvis Juice" 

nipples, FCC 

a bit of a gripe 

vore shitposting 

Had to google "fuzzy shark" today to find Sergals, during a discussion of what details JKR would need to release in order for the Wizarding World to have true furry representation.

Example: what fursonas various Wizengamot members would have.

Concept: a blanket that is heavy, but has low R value so it doesn't insulate.

Aaaah! At long last!

After nearly 12 hours of painstaking sewing on my precious wings. Three and a half months of manifestation total...

I've reached the most crucial stage of a fully reconstituted physical form.


Et Coagula.

Now time to work my magic!


gender reveal party but it's like one of those big video game expos where they show off new genders and gender tech developments

@else Just saw a sign for "New York Style Apartments" in LA. The building was four or five stories tall with a stucco exterior, but it did at least have iron fire stairs up the front.

OH: "I wish we were all represented as cats" [in the bar of videoconference heads]

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