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@Prawnlegs I get it. And it felt cruel to demolish the tree that was right against my foundation, but that wasn't a good place for either the tree, the gas line, or my house.

Boiling them in water sounds like it might work.

@Prawnlegs Soak the cuttings in stump killer before use as stakes?

Serious question, btw; I'm contemplating making a Wrath cosplay. Leaning towards the tie-died pants option.

So people joke that the month after Pride is Wrath, but if we're making the Seven Deadly Sins queer, would Fuhrer King Bradley wear it like this or like this or like this?

(Image from

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it's our problem-free
International Phonetic Alphabet

@else docker-compose... wait, still NSFW
composer... no that's PHP

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The primary blocker for getting started on my next head is that my craft/storage/work room is Highly Disorganized, and the blocker for fixing that is Getting More Shelves.

Lack of horizontal surfaces is a genetic problem, apparently

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Okay, so: con badge of a non-anthro red fox head/shoulder in profile, head tilted upwards and ears folded back, with a contented expression on her face. Behind her head is the corona of a solar eclipse, making the form of a halo.

Who can I give dollars to make this happen?

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