@proxy ... you misunderstand my point, but I don't think I'll be able to convince you of what I was trying to say.

I'm happy that you were able to get the legal DB to partially redact some links, and I hope that they'll follow through on the others. I'm not in favor of doxxing or revenge porn; I just despair at the idea of getting transparency orgs and archives of fact to redact history.

@proxy w3.org or a different W3? And is the dox hosted on a W3 server, or is the only connection to the W3 the employer-employee relationship?

If the dox is a legal document that contains links to URLs that should be taken down, and that document is part of the legal record, your best bet may be to try to get the case sealed, and then take the order sealing the case to the site hosting the doxxing document.

Or go after the sites that host the actual revenge porn, so that the links break.

@IceWolf I think that's sometimes a feature. Telling jokes, without saying "I heard this joke from <source>" every time you tell the joke.

@IceWolf Guaranteed formatting and customizable source attribution. Sharing a link includes guaranteed attribution, but has about a 50% chance of generating an embed or social media card. Not everyone wants to cite their sources.

mildly lewd, SFW USPS fan-art 

"You've got mail!"

Originally pencil on a post-it note, which provides the background color here and the hints of linework that peek out from under the digital inks and colors, which were done in Krita.

@fakemaxkeeble How can white people racially self-identify as anything other than white without appropriating other racial identities?

a question of woodworking, NSFW 

What's the best sort of body-friendly finish for a wooden sex toy that will not be inserted into orifices? Sand it until it's smooth, sure, but then what?

Shellac? Polyurethane? Hardening oils?

@IceWolf I'm sure that, if you asked, you could get their papers as sins unto LaTeX, and then run that through Pandoc to get HTML. Most open-access journals have HTML versions anyways.

spinning an elaborate conspiracy theory that all furry ocs of a given species whose surnames are "the (species)" are related

While cleaning today (silverfish 😦), I found a box labeled "undershirts and long underwear". It had been sealed since I moved out of my last apartment, in ~2017.

It contained several white undershirts, all waxy-smelling, which went to the trash, and some long underwear, which went to the wash.

And my ex's zentai. :goggling:

Upon further consideration, a spider-sona is neat beyond just making Halloween masks. But though they have enough limbs, they don't have _hands_.

re: liberal antifascism shitpost 

@GreenandBlack I saw this third toot on my timeline. Until I read the first toot in this thread, I wasn't sure if by "appeaser" you meant "liberals giving in to SJW/BLM" or "centrists giving in to fascists".

To wield "appeaser" as an insult is a rhetorical weapon that cuts both ways, discouraging any radical change, encouraging preservation of the status quo. It destroys coalition-building.

creeping fascism, only like 30% joking 

@else A long while. The Republican party (red) would need to change its popular-perception color, and it can't take black, because that's antifa.

food befuddlement 

I ate an entire 12" pizza yesterday for dinner, and wasn't hungry until a short snack around 5 p.m. today.

Sweet mother of satiation, Batman!

scatological humor 

Neighborhood cat walked across my back yard and pulled up in front of one of my trees. Sniffed around, dug himself a hole, pooped in it. The whole while he was pooping, he stared through my window, looking me in the eyes.

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