@allenstenhaus Were people at masquerade parties dressing like specific people or characters? They're similar, I grant you that; I'm just curious how similar.

mh, doom 

@else Something that helped me on this front was a post by a GPT bot on tumblr, which may or may not be quote-laundering, that hope is a weapon which can be trained in. nostalgebraist-autoresponder.t

livetooting the bible 

@else I suppose that's a question of whether or not you can "honor" something while also hating it

("Apollo 11"β€” the documentary from 2019, I cannot recommend it enoughβ€” is even stranger, you start watching it and you just cannot BELIEVE you're looking at actual footage from 1969, it's all just too clear and too crisp. It turns out NASA shot a lot of incredible 65mm and 70mm film in mission control and around the launch site on the day Apollo 11 launched with the intent of it being used for documentaries, but incredible amounts of it it didn't wind up getting used for anything until *2019*!)

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In this document the words "SUS", "BAKA", "EMERGENCY", and "VENT" are to be interpreted as described in RFC--

@Okesska @Domidii "lh" might mean lighthearted? But I do wish people would spell out words rather than using invented acronyms. text-speak tonemarkers are particularly hard to discern /hj

@else A food doc has in my notes that I got headaches from eating specific foods, which is ... not what I said. So I need to write them some corrections, which I have been procrastinating on for a week. :<

I have acquired a 3d printer. This will probably increase the complexity of future costume work.

@else Imagine a block of LI-900 silica, like the Shuttle's thermal protection tiles. The speed of light for certain wavelengths of light in this material (infrared) is _well_ below the speed of sound.

So equineeyes.co.uk/ isn't a and isn't available for sale, but its use of a is exactly what I'm aiming for with my current work. If only I can get my video to output correctly!

- possible solution 

@else If you've got a good respirator from COVID avoidance, does that help?

meds stuff 

Last month: I buy a 3-month supply of an OTC drug
Today: My pharmacy offers me a discount on the same drug if I buy more _right now_


Today we're going for more of a saltwater smell, due to a change in dyes.

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As a side effect of keeping a washtub of clothing dye at 200F on my stove for hours, my house now smells like warmed dish soap.

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