@cosplay at least link to your sources if you're going to repost others' photos.

@else wait, nope, solved the Lowe's problem by rearranging furniture to make access to the closet easier: now I don't need to install new coat racks.

@else yeah, that was me until about an hour ago. I ran out of easily-consumable Internet, and needed to wash my hair and eat. Now I'm doing the same thing, having eaten and dressed and watched, at a higher-bandwidth interface!

While procrastinating doing all the other things, hrm. Time to go to Lowe's.

@rick_777 @persephone Thanks for the answer. It sounds like a technique-and-tools improvement that could be carried out by existing police agencies irrespective of whether those agencies are later abolished.

@persephone These are all good praxis, but I wonder what their author would propose as the resolution to "person with knife is running around slashing people in central London"

I spent the last hour and a half sewing and watching The Mandalorian.

The village in episode 4 has an interesting quirk of costume design: their clothes, like the krill they harvest, are blue-green. (at least, under f.lux.) Is this an indication that they process the krill into dye?

@IceWolf Based on support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/s, I think Firefox clears localstorage using the same controls as it does for cookies.

@IceWolf Can you block it on domains you don't trust, or whitelist it for domains you do trust?

Serious question: does Hallmark make "Happy first dose of E" cards?

@else triple equals is an obnoxious character, and I think it's now the worst character I know of. ο·½ changes based on font, and could conceivably be less than fullwidth, but β©Ά will never be.

re: social? ~- 

Gender bender, but it's like fender bender. Like, I bumped into someone and got a dent in my gender.

bodily fluids, I guess? 

bodily fluids, I guess? 

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