Speaking of fashion things, it's time to start building my Halloween costume. Imma reuse last year's spider head plans, but this year work on better vision, ventilation, and pedipalp movement.

It's 68F outside and I'm enjoying being naturally cold for the first time in seasons. The seasons once again tilt towards my desired temperature for fashion things.

Serious question: what is a "protogen" in a furry context?

@else depends on the feature; I say don't spend more than an hour but go for it.

Politics meta question, nonspecific fascism mention 

My use of "heck" and "gosh" started out ironic, but now I'm intentionally trying to reduce curses in my vocabulary because I miss the power curses had before I started using them regularly. Lesson learned: don't use a spell too frequently, or you will wear it out


@else That'd probably be hard for non-scheduled announcements like "there's a dog on the tracks ahead at <location> and the <alphabet soup> lines are delayed", unless the MTA had a bank of real-time transcriptionists

but you should totally contact the MTA, City Hall, car companies, councilmembers, and really everyone to plant the idea as far as possible.

cross-dressing news article 

cross-dressing news article 

cross-dressing news article 

God made cargo shorts so that when the security guard asks you to empty your pockets, you run out of hands. This is a metaphor for how humans lack totipotence.

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