This year's head will be an improvement to the head of last year. I'm focusing on pedipalps, chelicerae, and improved eye lenses.

I'm going to have to apply the shiny transparent vinyl to the plexiglass before heat-softening and curving it, apparently.

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mildly lewd, SFW USPS fan-art 

"You've got mail!"

Originally pencil on a post-it note, which provides the background color here and the hints of linework that peek out from under the digital inks and colors, which were done in Krita.

Here's how I built this 2019's Halloween spider head:

It's based on a volans, and though I don't call these costumes fursuits, it could be considered a construction tutorial.

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spider images 

βœ… eyes done painting
βœ… most floof
- more gluing

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Halloween project progress 

Assembly of the head begins.

Based on last year's experience, I'm gonna try to make the eyes sit closer to my own face as I'm wearing the head. That should make it a little easier to see out.

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Halloween project humor 

No, my Halloween costume is not a bat with eyebrows as big as his head.
Nor is it a moth.

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Halloween project progress 

Awright, it's time to get started. I took last year's Maratus volans head design to Kinko's, and just like last year, had to get staff intervention to print the thing. But it's printed now, and the poster board is flattening. Will hashtag this , but there's a decent chance I'll end up using Salticidae colors instead.

household spider identification 

Another shot of the friendly spider, who appears to be a Salticus senicus:

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household spiders 

I have discovered a new resident Maratus spp. on my wall and I love it.

So people joke that the month after Pride is Wrath, but if we're making the Seven Deadly Sins queer, would Fuhrer King Bradley wear it like this or like this or like this?

(Image from

Astronaut pants are definitely a Look: random strips of velcro everywhere, running over and through and under pockets.

There needs to be a name for this style, and "business utilitarian" just doesn't fly. What would you call it?

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