Here's how I built this 2019's Halloween spider head:

It's based on a volans, and though I don't call these costumes fursuits, it could be considered a construction tutorial.

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Halloween project progress 

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Halloween project humor 

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Halloween project progress 

household spiders 

So people joke that the month after Pride is Wrath, but if we're making the Seven Deadly Sins queer, would Fuhrer King Bradley wear it like this or like this or like this?

(Image from

Astronaut pants are definitely a Look: random strips of velcro everywhere, running over and through and under pockets.

There needs to be a name for this style, and "business utilitarian" just doesn't fly. What would you call it?

Joined a conference call, wore last year's spider head, got called Beto O'Rourke

Does a two-legged sheep walk like an inchworm, or strut like someone in heels and an oversized fur coat?

I propose side-by-side, but if you have an argument the other direction, I'll happily toot it.

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Before I head out for the night, dressed in a different costume, here's a status update on the (?) head:

- papercraft assembled
- wires inserted
- foam cured (papercraft distorted)
- eyeholes cut
- fur application areas blocked out
- lenses stuck in mail; plexiglas alternates attempted but work needed
- no accessories yet made
- no pedipalp articulation yet decided yet

legs, socks, kind of a selfie 

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