-Updated rules to fix some typos/poorly worded parts, and add some missing stuff.

We may tweak things more to keep up to date.

@TransparencyReports Please post before/after diffs, or otherwise spell out what has been changed.

@glowingskull Specifically a lot of minor wording that doesn't mean much but make more sense (like tagging policy to content warning policy).
Tweaked the "about reporting" to tell we don't allow unmoderated instances, and in the CW section added the bots to reflect what was in the accounts policy already, the financial help stuff, and also added the common "untold" etiquette that goes around to encourage CW of those things.
Also noted that we do not allow spam properly in accounts policy.


@Transparency thanks for listing it for me; just please make sure to do so as a public top-level post in the server the next time there's a change. πŸ‘

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