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Question for the builders out there β€”Β how would you articulate the pedipalps of a peacock spider? I explain the problem a little more in this post:

body amusement, crafting 

It has been a month since I last shellacked, yet I still have shellac on my thumbnail. How.

programming humor 

PHP Code Beautifier and Fixer? More like PHP Can't Be Fucked!

I stopped by the local Ace Hardware to say hi and show them the head, because it has been a project they've seen me work on for years. My buddy there was just ecstatic to see this year's final product, which he had contributed some ideas to.

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when i die i want my obituary to list all the domain names i controlled and for how long

Hot glue guns often come with a small pack of glue sticks. This is enough for one (1) project.

When you buy your hot glue gun, buy a couple hundred sticks. You'll save time and shopping trips in the long run.

Source: the 40 hot glue sticks I burned through today.

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Running an off-cycle laundry load just for facemasks so that I have a black one available to attach chelicacerae to, because comes sooner than you expect and I want to have this done by then.

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TFW you must abandon some of your larger-visibility Halloween plans in order to achieve the smaller-visibility, higher-happiness ones.

Six segments per pedipalp also explains the segmentation of the hairs better.

Plfaugh this explains so much.

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Oh good lord, pedipalps have _six_ segments? No wonder the movements and structure of last year's head looked off last year.

> Pedipalps are composed of six segments or articles: the coxa, the trochanter, the femur, the short patella, the tibia, and the tarsus. In spiders, the coxae frequently have extensions called maxillae or gnathobases, which function as mouth parts with or without some contribution from the coxae of the anterior legs.

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The Glowing Skull Kitchen Test Lab is pleased to report that an intermediary layer of superglue between the vinyl and the plexiglass performs admirably under heat and deformation, while retaining usable optical characteristics.

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Laying the vinyl over the plexiglass before heating and deforming the plexiglass does successfully improve the conformation of the film to the curved lens, but it doesn't actually bond the vinyl to the plexiglass.

So tomorrow I'll do deformation tests after applying cyanoacrylate glue between the vinyl and plexiglass, to join the layers and make them a single optical unit.

Here's hoping that superglue doesn't spontaneously combust at 370F.

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This year's head will be an improvement to the head of last year. I'm focusing on pedipalps, chelicerae, and improved eye lenses.

I'm going to have to apply the shiny transparent vinyl to the plexiglass before heat-softening and curving it, apparently.

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mildly lewd, SFW USPS fan-art 

"You've got mail!"

Originally pencil on a post-it note, which provides the background color here and the hints of linework that peek out from under the digital inks and colors, which were done in Krita.

a question of woodworking, NSFW 

What's the best sort of body-friendly finish for a wooden sex toy that will not be inserted into orifices? Sand it until it's smooth, sure, but then what?

Shellac? Polyurethane? Hardening oils?

spinning an elaborate conspiracy theory that all furry ocs of a given species whose surnames are "the (species)" are related

While cleaning today (silverfish 😦), I found a box labeled "undershirts and long underwear". It had been sealed since I moved out of my last apartment, in ~2017.

It contained several white undershirts, all waxy-smelling, which went to the trash, and some long underwear, which went to the wash.

And my ex's zentai. :goggling:

Upon further consideration, a spider-sona is neat beyond just making Halloween masks. But though they have enough limbs, they don't have _hands_.

food befuddlement 

I ate an entire 12" pizza yesterday for dinner, and wasn't hungry until a short snack around 5 p.m. today.

Sweet mother of satiation, Batman!

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