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Question for the builders out there — how would you articulate the pedipalps of a peacock spider? I explain the problem a little more in this post:

Reasons why I think people may find nurses hot in the abstract 

misheard medical stuff 


The "NO SOLICITING" sticker on my door is less effective than I would like at keeping away door-to-door salespeople. Some literally don't know what "soliciting" means; I've asked.

What should I replace that sticker with?

I don't have an image to reference here, but you recall the "What if angelic halos were a looped horn that was the handle by which God's hand steered angels, and the devil's horns were the remnant of that broken unihorn?"

Imagine mastodons and mammoths with their tusks curved together into a single unihorn.

Imagine angels and demons with the same.

I finally have real not-paper blinds on half the windows in my house, and bigods I feel like an adult.

fireworks to left of me
fireworks to the right of me
here I am
setting off fireworks with you

if you're like me, remembering your mother's maiden names can be difficult when your parents are a vast interconnected mesh of polyamorous lesbians. lastpass offers military gra

One Day, I will have the parts together to make a "the moon's haunted" cosplay.

I'm thinking EVA torso/helmet, dementor bottom, a Vague Scifi Gun, and a clipboard saying "The Moon Is Haunted"

The gender neutral form of mermaid isn't merperson, it's mermate

Gun stuff 

household spider identification 

Commissions are open!

Busts: $15
Full-body portraits: $25
Environments: $30
Items/relics/Macguffins: $6

Discord: Cryptovexillologist#8578

Subscribe to me on Patreon and get 50% off anything!

Ordering off-menu (within reason) is fine, and we can arrange a price.

More examples are here: cryptovexillologist.carbonmade

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

household spiders 

Serious question, btw; I'm contemplating making a Wrath cosplay. Leaning towards the tie-died pants option.

So people joke that the month after Pride is Wrath, but if we're making the Seven Deadly Sins queer, would Fuhrer King Bradley wear it like this or like this or like this?

(Image from

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