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Question for the builders out there — how would you articulate the pedipalps of a peacock spider? I explain the problem a little more in this post:

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If someone is dressed to the nines, it means they're dressed fancy for a very high percentage of the year. For example, if someone is dressed to five nines, they're not fancy less than 5.26 minutes a year

Idea for a social gathering: assemble a queue of train videos. Watch train videos.

It has ceased to be comforter, blanket, sheet season.

It is now sheet, maybe blanket season.

OK, let's try to make this happen (again).

Enter THE POLL'S DILEMMA 2: Pareto Edition!

You can:

- vote
- boost
- reply with strategy and overview of the situation
- wait 7 days to see the results

minecraft is a great example of death of the author, by which i mean, i think microsoft might actually try to assassinate notch before he can tweet again

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It's hashtag , so fire away. I've got a brainful of poorly-thought-out takes on semver and gender

Finally copied my process notes for building ​/​​/​ heads off of Tumblr:

It's not a tutorial, but it's like halfway there. A gesture at how you can do a thing.

tonight is a night for
and logging back into the IRC box for the first time in months because the evening's streaming isn't happening without Firefox add-ons

The anthropocene epoch is the period in which the most significant factor affecting the geology and ecology of the Earth is furries.

On the one hand: working all week on a really interesting project with a deadline of _now_
On the other hand: not being able to ship something you've been talking about shipping for months
That's been my last fortnight.

I see a lot of people saying Baba is a bunny, when Baba is clearly a sheep. Not only because of the name Baba, but also because Baba is ewe.

I just realized that fursuits are couture and I am sharing that realization with you

It's a knind of night. Convince me that I should make a Discord account.

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