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Question for the builders out there β€”Β how would you articulate the pedipalps of a peacock spider? I explain the problem a little more in this post:

In this document the words "SUS", "BAKA", "EMERGENCY", and "VENT" are to be interpreted as described in RFC--

I have acquired a 3d printer. This will probably increase the complexity of future costume work.

So isn't a and isn't available for sale, but its use of a is exactly what I'm aiming for with my current work. If only I can get my video to output correctly!

meds stuff 

Last month: I buy a 3-month supply of an OTC drug
Today: My pharmacy offers me a discount on the same drug if I buy more _right now_


Today we're going for more of a saltwater smell, due to a change in dyes.

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As a side effect of keeping a washtub of clothing dye at 200F on my stove for hours, my house now smells like warmed dish soap.

@else regarding the gas-powered joint warmers tweet, do you have a 'sona ref sheet, because I am inclined to doodle

should a dress code that requires long sleeves and long pants also require a long tail covering? does it depend on whether the tail is prehensile?

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This technique is relatively sane, and requires:
- woodworking tools
- copious quantities of superglue
- putting flammable objects in the oven
- fire gloves
- lots of ventilation and fume/dust control

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This process for eyes results in convex plexiglass lenses with a metallic exterior, well-suited to see through, of customizable shape and curvature.

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..and five, five gold Rings were gifted to the Lords, who above all else desire leaping but they were, all of them, deceived, for another Ring was made.

In the Tree of Pear, the Partridge forged a master ring to control all others.

Found one, but it's doing weird stuff with rotation and scaling (and tiling the input stream!?) but that's probably (hopefully) configurable.

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is it just me, or does the phrase "old fashioned" seem a bit old fashioned?

Found one and ordered it. Now it's a race to see if it shows up before Halloween.
I guess I should start work on the other parts of this project.

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