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Question for the builders out there β€”Β how would you articulate the pedipalps of a peacock spider? I explain the problem a little more in this post:

mildly lewd, SFW USPS fan-art 

"You've got mail!"

Originally pencil on a post-it note, which provides the background color here and the hints of linework that peek out from under the digital inks and colors, which were done in Krita.

a question of woodworking, NSFW 

What's the best sort of body-friendly finish for a wooden sex toy that will not be inserted into orifices? Sand it until it's smooth, sure, but then what?

Shellac? Polyurethane? Hardening oils?

spinning an elaborate conspiracy theory that all furry ocs of a given species whose surnames are "the (species)" are related

While cleaning today (silverfish 😦), I found a box labeled "undershirts and long underwear". It had been sealed since I moved out of my last apartment, in ~2017.

It contained several white undershirts, all waxy-smelling, which went to the trash, and some long underwear, which went to the wash.

And my ex's zentai. :goggling:

Upon further consideration, a spider-sona is neat beyond just making Halloween masks. But though they have enough limbs, they don't have _hands_.

food befuddlement 

I ate an entire 12" pizza yesterday for dinner, and wasn't hungry until a short snack around 5 p.m. today.

Sweet mother of satiation, Batman!

scatological humor 

Neighborhood cat walked across my back yard and pulled up in front of one of my trees. Sniffed around, dug himself a hole, pooped in it. The whole while he was pooping, he stared through my window, looking me in the eyes.

we are the last generation of humans to have had "heat it to as hot as a literal sun so it glows" as our primary way of making light

I'm curious: has anyone in the us seen any kind of federal government psa on covid? ads on tv or online or radio, or even just like posters or billboards? I feel like I haven't but that could just be my bubble

When buying large appliances, remember to measure all doors into the place where the appliance will be delivered.

send toot 

TRON Legacy but with a Carpenter Brut soundtrack

Dr Gerbasi's furry identity studies; link to participate 

I looked up Dr Gerbasi, the author of the "species identity disorder" study at Anthrocon 2007, to see what she's doing these days. She actually has some ongoing studies!

I'm going through and filling out the surveys now. Here's the link if you want to do the same.


medical interface gripes 

So I'm on hold waiting to schedule a COVID-19 test (as a precaution, not because I'm symptomatic), and the hold music is:

2.5 seconds of music
2.5 seconds of music, redux
your position in the queue
2.5 seconds of music, redux
30 seconds of alternatives to hold

And it just loops.

I just misread a transit agency making a "large emu order" as referring to flightless birds and not electric multiple unit trains and I am d y i n g

So, remember about a month ago when stuff about the Linux Fox Girl went around? Someone reportedly tracked down Alan Mackey, and got his blessing on giving her a name (Xenia), and accidentally confirmed the character to be trans.


I've seen a lot of weird computer bugs in my life, but this is def the first time I've seen UP IS DOWN

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So people joke that the month after Pride is Wrath, but if we're making the Seven Deadly Sins queer, would Fuhrer King Bradley wear it like this or like this or like this?

(Image from

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