SHIELD CAT is a game about a spinning otter being developed by one lady (me)

You can check out a prototype demo for FREE by clicking here:

For $10 US you can get the game and get all updates to it, or you can pledge on Patreon to be part of the process!

@roxy I have a few ideas for the movement. It would be a lot nicer if you could hold down dash and keep moving, as if it was being pressed repeatedly, but able to spam a bit faster if need be. Also, the cooldown dash for enemies bugs me a bit, if it was a bit shorter, it would be better. The pause menu you were showing off is nowhere to be found, I was pretty excited to see it.

@gamethecupdog if you're playing the demo, it doesn't have the pause menu

Also, holding down the attack button is what causes Lance to throw, which is what I'm implementing currently. There's an autospin function, but it's not in the demo nor in the current build


@roxy Ahh alright, thanks for the clarification. Can't wait to see where this goes!

@gamethecupdog heck yea!!!

I think the demo also has the layering glitch where you can stand in front of the trees lmao, and I THINK you can stand in some of the corners around where the pits are at

Once I get more stuff in, I'll put another demo, but for the time being the new stuff is exclusive to money people haha

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