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abuse meta, "positive" effects 

Reminder that people who mistreated you get no credit for any skills or positive traits you developed in response to mistreatment; that was your own resilience and ingenuity in response to a bad situation, not something they did for you. The line that bullying and abuse build character or make you a better or more capable person remains a giant, harmful lie.

anyone else constantly feel like an outsider

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God fucking damnit, I'm spiraling

it's ok and a part of being human and part of life

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vague, venting, negative 

Yet again, I have killer instincts that I never fucking listen to

Go me! /s

Don't get me wrong, having this space has enabled me to take care of myself. I never would have dropped these thirty pounds otherwise

And, I mean, I guess the next problem I want to solve is my relationship with my parents and the rest of my family

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My life is objectively better, I can stay that now that I've been single for the past half year

What sucks is that, now that I'm not catering to someone else, hand and foot, I have so much time to think

Turns out you don't need services like Pocket or even Wallabag.

Heavily curated browser bookmarks are the solution

Fight me, because this is the internet

The FeedMe RSS reader on Android is pretty sweet, and it connects well with FreshRSS.

* makes a boring, obvious github review comment, goes to bed *

* wakes up, reads reply to comment *

I want... to give myself a concussion!

Getting my first injection of the Moderna vaccine on Friday!!!! 💉🎉

It's a unique and unbearable kind of suffering
To be unable to tell someone
Thank you. I love you. I wish you well.
Without causing pain


Playing ori and the blind forest demo

Feeling deep pain and sadness

He treated me like shit. But I was his caretaker. These feelings are complicated. In a way, I felt like I raised him.

Ultimately I wish him happiness in life, and I hope he finds what he's looking for. Sucks that I can't be there to help anymore

It was also the first time I was on the roads, instead of a trail. I got some practice with my hand signals--lots left to learn

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Hadn't ridden my bike in 4 weeks, I can tell

I've been on my own phone plan for three years

It's also been three years since I've talked to my parents

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Status update, April 2, 2021, 6:24pm EDT:

Have I conquered the world yet? No. But I will.

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