@kieran That would be more disturbing for you than me :P

@kieran Happy stabby!

Also thanks for not taking the photo at the actual time of jab :)

@kieran take care of yourself snepfren; (mental) health is really important*

*take it from someone that saw the inside of a fruitfarm if that helps

@Lyude Thanks for the extra info, will keep it in mind!

@Lyude Will have to give that a try then. Though I have to admit that, for multiple reasons, I never even saw Cowboy Bebop.

@kieran aaaah. Thank you for explaining. Our voting system is quite different, so I have learned a few things today.

@kieran I could hazard that it means you voted again in the second round maybe?

@kieran Thanks, but what is securing you vote? I already had to google runoff election, but no chance in a cold place I will find anything useful on securing votes.

@kieran Because it's back breaking and has forced breaks at moments when you just want it to be done and over with.

Work πŸ˜ͺ 

Not looking forward to the next few weeks at work, still haven't told my direct colleagues I'm being forced out of the company.

@RainierBeringer Any kind of snow, even 5 flakes per town, leads to utter chaos here, but I still want snow. Because, snow! The extra paws are fine, more traction, in SNOW.

This game pocket monster game is complicated. The monster in question is called Mew btw.

I made food! 

Moroccan meatballs with herb couscous.

I feel a strong need to share this: it's Nanonium and I, relaxing in one of my favourite spots.

❀️ Yes (do not view while feeling lonely)
πŸ† Tasteful nude
🎨 Artonis
πŸ”— furaffinity.net/view/28942474/

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