Work 😪 

Not looking forward to the next few weeks at work, still haven't told my direct colleagues I'm being forced out of the company.

This game pocket monster game is complicated. The monster in question is called Mew btw.

I made food! 

Moroccan meatballs with herb couscous.

I feel a strong need to share this: it's Nanonium and I, relaxing in one of my favourite spots.

❤️ Yes (do not view while feeling lonely)
🍆 Tasteful nude
🎨 Artonis

Just in time for Fluffy Friday®, a wonderful piece by EosFoxx!

Artists Twitter post:

Beat the Monday blues with an adorable snow leopard!

🐈 Evi

PSA Reminder: spend time with your friends and loved ones WHEN and WHILE you can.

Seriously, we only have a ridiculously short time here, spend it with the ones you love and make each other happy. Please.

Art by Scraptor ❤️:

It's Sneptember, so have a freshly scanned image of ME. :) Drawn at EF24 by the wonderful, talented and very snep friendly DeyVarah. - the mastodon instances for creatures

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