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Hey there, I've got my account on locked for a while, but my follow requests are open πŸ’œ

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If you are a relative of mine and you read this, leave. This is not for you. Fuck off. :pawv1_fluff:

I guess it's kinda been this way for a while, but I'm now officially acknowledging Nullae as my secondary fursona. :)

The magic school that specializes in summoning cats.

Tbh nocliping through the world and just hiding in the void sounds really nice and peaceful.

All of this is probably overdone to hell and back but I'm just entertaining myself while I'm waiting for backpain to get less again :V

Characters who are bad at their assigned fantasy class Show more

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This terrible post was brought to you by sleep deprivation

From now on we can only use the letter 'o' because everything has to be circle, even your content

Esp would probably be a healer if I had to pick an RPG class for her. Yes I know necromancy is a school of magic but most necromancy in fantasy is.. Not sophisticated enough for her taste.

Besides she could turn her necromancy into healing quite easily I'd say.

I need art of Esp in robes. Maybe with a witch hat with her ears sticking out because that's cute af.

Does he know he's supposed to sleep *in* that pillow not on to? Oh well.

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