Hello into the ether! I hope all is well ^-^

I still have this. looks like the layout changed a bit


I am worried that I am not repairable in terms of my body. Maybe one day science will get better but until then, oh well.

Good evening 

I am working on trying to figure out how to use this more but it is way easier to use twitter. I am trying to use this more.

I am finding it hard to remember to use this platform. anyone else have that issue?

It's getting late on #FursuitFriday. Time to go lie down! Too bad @erin_wolf, @DonDrakore@twitter.com and others already took the best spot at #ConFuzzled 2016.

More photos: ferretporn.se/piwigo/creideiki

*Chitters* I am still around! :3 just not been using this as much

Be a free and happy floof today :D
This is a big world, and you can succeed in your dreams :3

The mirror shows us who we really are.

Thank you to Elise Harmon for this.

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