i'm going to reveal something, that some of you may find a complete surprise

i like paws

i did not realize the "i speak jive" lady in Airplane was June Cleaver, and now that already hilarious scene just got 10x funnier to me

remember how school smelled, on the first day back from summer? thats what it smells like at work now, after wearing a N95 all morning

i probably look like a psycho, sitting in my car in the dark, ADHD rocking back and forth while i wait for time to go in the building


sometimes i don’t respond to PMs because i’m busy, or anxious, but most of the time its because i wasn’t around when it came in and it got buried under 50 groups

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now that telegram officially has folders, maybe i won’t miss PMs so much now

stop participating in memes that reveal answers to security questions, jeez

dad got some N95 masks somewhere, not so nervous about going to work now

two of our 3 buildings have had confirmed cases now and i really don't wanna go to work tomorrow

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