Watched "The House that Jack Built" last night. I liked it very much and I feel horrible about that. :blobcattilt:
Avoid if queasy.

I wonder, if push comes to shove, how much bank I could realistically make with the fandom. I've been financially doing alright, but some nights I wonder if things go wrong, could I find support here until things might even out.
Maybe people might find value in supporting me making comics or more animations. Dunno how that'd work out tho, w/o big angry Pyapal roasting my hide, not to mention taxes.

So I think Oculus Quest is a wonderful device, especially if they deliver on their promise of hand tracking.

Shitty thing about it is that it's a pretty closed ecosystem. I can make development builds on it, but I cannot share stuff outside their marketplace.

They said that the thing will at some point allow connecting to an external computer, so maybe then? Maybe not.

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I think I found just the one and it’s only $5.

I’m thinking about doing some vr shenanigans at some point, but I need to find a nice environment for it that’s both relatively lightweight and pleasing to the eye. I don’t want to spend too much time with it, so things will most likely cost a little.

My legs are on pins and needles and my neck is super sore from turning my head the wrong way in bed. My body does not want me to move right now.

(please send help)

Borderlands3 has been a pretty big letdown for me, to be honest. Some people may think otherwise, but they did not fix anything that needed fixing, and broke many things that didn't.

I don't know if it's because I'm old and Not A Gamer, but I feel like the visual fidelity just makes the screen difficult to read. Half the time I'm shooting at Mr. Chew because everything just seems to mush together.

I don't know if the teeth-gnashing performance is due to Unreal or Gearbox...

My weird thought of the day was if I could somehow have mindfulness meditation a part of my workout routine.

I mentioned it to my PT, who then told me they had practiced meditation during a burnout period of their own, and they have a CD somewhere for something like this.

So I guess that's happening now.

Do you even lift, brah? Nah, I sit in the corner being mindful of my breathing.

We bought Borderlands3 for the PS4 for some of that split screen bonding, and oh, the menu lag is so real.

Also, the switch to horizontal split screen made all the text so tiny we had to move the couch just make any sense of it.

Tip: the default FOV made me fee nauseous. Drop it to 70 for maximum comfort.

Can we talk about burnout? I've never been burned out but I feel like I've been close to the edge several times these past few years. I've always been a generalist, but now I'm a generalist who also plans, designs, talks with clients, coordinates and implements. This, while I appreciate the trust, is causing a buzzing sound in my ear when walking to work this week. I forget things like my debit ping codes, ordinary words and what else. It's getting A Bit Too Much for me.

I’m unsure if my diminishing interest in playing games is caused by maturing as a person or creeping anhedonia.

I wonder if switching to Ubuntu for my next desktop would give me less tech headaches or more tech headaches.

I want to buy the old/new Nokia phone. Do a bit of digital downgrading in my life, because I don’t feel like I’m entirely in control of my habits.

This week was a rollercoaster at work. Glad it's over!

My email accounts have the total combined number of unread items... 7 329.

I don't know how to deal with this.

Funny thing, I listened to this book while commuting to work, being all medidative and like... And I was super grumpy once I got to the office. :)

I paraphrase a book I listened to a few days back... When you feel a need or a want, you are in fact /experiencing a mind creating a need/. Can't recall the exact line, but it sounded pretty funky at the time.

I'm looking at tofu recepies, and they all look a bit too daunting for my level.
I guess I oughta just try frying some and not even try making a meal out of them. See how it turns out.

Thing with the 3D models I played with a month or so back is that they're not exactly real-time optimized. I'd have to either sit down and take the time to make proper work to them or half-arse it and see if I can get Alembic files to play on the thing.

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