I hate that I buy stupid stuff that I don't end up using.

I'm looking at you 30€ Bluetooth speaker.

(What's your latest useless purchase?)

I've been listening to a book on personality traits and it's hitting way too close to home for me!

For example, I'm the type that tries to avoid confrontations at all costs, even if it means never actually saying anything remotely controversial in public. I fear public backlash.

I think I should try to break my pattern of behaviour more often. Prepare to be insulted! (not really)

Nsfw animation hosting (~) 

It usually takes an entire team to produce a nice looking and sounding clip. People who specialize in one area of the production.

So I kinda knew these clips weren't going to look too amazing, lest I spend disproportionate amount of time on them. The Eevee renderer works like a charm for my purposes, but it's kinda struggling with these size differences (SSAO is fixed in meters). I try not to worry about it too much and just produce animation. But I'd lie if it didn't bug me just a wee bit.

I can't believe how much I know about the themes, scenes and events in Marvel's Endgame by simply browsing Reddit.

It's impossible to wait for rental these days and expect to go in blind as far as big block-busters go.

A: does X
B: omg wish you did Y pls

This is the sure fire way to make sure I don't do Y.

macrophilia, animation 

So I began reading this book about motivation & what drives people, and it kind of touches a number of things that I've suspected in how I operate.

Most interestingly, positive feedback may be detrimental to how much enjoyment I get from creative doodling. It sets your mind into a feel-good binge, and by extension, set up for disappointment.

Kind of makes me want to disable the comments on my picture posts. :blobcatcoffee:

Does anyone know what is the most compliant way to encode WebM videos for online distribution? I've been using ffmpeg command line but I don't know if I have the right settings and all...

Baki on Netflix is so stupid and I love it dearly

I would like to play some chill online game and practice talking English, but I'm pretty bad at games and have the attention span of a gnat.

I’m trying to get back in the habit of cooking. Yesterday was the first time I have fried anything in a long while.

I bet the stove was all like wtf! I’m used for something!

Felt like a proper master chef putting the leftovers to a ramen cup earlier today.

Emotions (-?) 

Life management skills (-) 

I kinda find myself admiring the art style of it, how they technically pulled it off. I really dig non-photorealistic render styles..

Bought Dragon Quest XI from PSN. Totally gonna find that on sale within a month, mark my words.

I suddenly forgot how to enjoy myself. I’ve done nothing but sit on a couch for two evenings. 😑

Trans relationships, workspaces -? 

This is gonna be a super busy month at work. Super stressful too. People at the office say my project is looking super cool, but all I see are things that are either half baked or still missing!

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