Is there a name in English for the first and last loafs in a bag of toast? I don't recall them teaching this stuff in school... 😆

Depressive observation? 

I pondered a while back what is it in drawn toony characters that resonates so strongly with me, and people in general.

I thought that maybe it's that, by and large, they look happy. Perhaps we like to reflect on these traits in fictional characters to tap into that care-freeness, even if it might be elusive to us in IRL?

I can also characters, and by carefully shaping its expression, I can make other people feel for the character as well. It's a play on our insticts.

I appreciate that there are VR games for Quest that give you a little exercise. Don't know *how* effective they are, but they're something at least.

It might be fun to stream drawing but as far as I know, only way to do so with iPad is if you have a mac desktop.

Bought Affinity Designer for the iPad. Seems pretty neat! Will need to try do something with vectors for a change

More testing with the toonfur shader. Thing that's been bugging me is that I'm fairly confident that in order to pull this off, the material needs to be adjusted shot from shot, and I don't know if there's an easy way to set that up in Blender.

I kinda got inspired by Beastars to try to mimic the cell shaded fur. Really itching to try make a full character with this kind of style.

I've got account anxiety. Some day I will surely lock myself out from all my accounts when services send confirmation emails to X; X requires confirmation from B; B requires authentication from app from phone; phone is doing rounds in the washing machine.

I need to invest on a workstation but choosing one causes me elevated anxiety. What's the system I *really* need?

I found about Dropbox Paper by accident and thought it was perfect for keeping public docs about commission related stuffs.
Lo and behold, none of the images are visible through the public link.
I kinda don't want to use Google Docs for this to allow some level of privacy for possible clients but I'm running out of options here.

Oh boy, it's been a while hasn't it? Work's taken most of my focus, and now we're running about trying to make sure we have everything to survive the holidays. (cheese & wine mostly)

Koitetaan jatkaa itsenäisenä, jookos?
(translation: happy finnish independence day)

Laundry machine installation ended up with broken parts, so out to a laundromat we gooo!

One unfortunate fact about commissioning me is that, well, quality varies. Some days drawing just is a struggle. Sometimes the references are hard to follow and I become blind to other stuff like composition. Working outside my comfort zone strains other aspects of the drawing. But I still need the compensation for my time. I hope people understand.

We actually moved this week. Got a larger place, big enough to get two work computers. Let's see what we can get done with this setup!

I want an addon to my browser that loads pages under a black curtain that fades out when it's done loading.
Browsing in the dark, using dark themes, opening new site -> screen fills with ready to assault your senses.

Watched "The House that Jack Built" last night. I liked it very much and I feel horrible about that. :blobcattilt:
Avoid if queasy.

I wonder, if push comes to shove, how much bank I could realistically make with the fandom. I've been financially doing alright, but some nights I wonder if things go wrong, could I find support here until things might even out.
Maybe people might find value in supporting me making comics or more animations. Dunno how that'd work out tho, w/o big angry Pyapal roasting my hide, not to mention taxes.

So I think Oculus Quest is a wonderful device, especially if they deliver on their promise of hand tracking.

Shitty thing about it is that it's a pretty closed ecosystem. I can make development builds on it, but I cannot share stuff outside their marketplace.

They said that the thing will at some point allow connecting to an external computer, so maybe then? Maybe not.

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