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school, mh (~+) 

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This Halloween, Azure is going as Alucard. He prefers to get around quicker.

๐ŸŽจ by Tanoshis

i love people who write big effortposty introductions with like "hoping to use this account to find other lojban speakers, ex-presbyterians and arcane archaeologists! ๐Ÿ˜‹" and then a month later they're just posting pee pee poo poo like the rest of us

Tragic, mysterious backstory. Raised by birds. Horrible person.

-annoys people
-fun to say
-lets me be furry as hell in one word without being vulgar
the perfect word honestly

The bird is dangerous. It will kill you if you approach. But you may not attack the bird, as the bird is protected. Harm the bird, and the humans will pass judgement on you.

games where you roll a marble through an obstacle course but the marble is a really round borb

Me, thinking about dragons: majestic, beautiful creatures of magic and mystery! Their stories stretch eons and their form is one of both absolute terror and wonder!

Me, trying to verbalize this: BIG lizard... good

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