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here, does anybody know if any Trill symbionts have said what pronouns they take before?

2020 in summary: "Those are some nice coping mechanisms you built up over the last 30 years. And now they're gone. Enjoy!"

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Protest tips from an Anarchist Jurisdiction

Last week, Seattle hit 150 days of protests. I've been on the ground for a whole lot of that.

After the election tomorrow, I'm guessing a number of y'all are gonna be back out in the streets again.

Here's some stuff that's been important in the last few months, some of which I hadn't seen discussed as much in "protest 101" type posts [thread]:

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Periodic reminder that boundaries are normal and important and /it is okay to have them./

It is okay to say no.
It is okay to not open up about the details of your life.
It is okay to be evasive when asked about the details of your life.
It doesn't make you bad.
It doesn't mean you're Hiding Something™.
It means you have healthy boundaries.

...we're still working on learning all this.

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snouts, drama, snouts drama 

geez just read up on what happened (wigglytiffitout/@/'s summary)... think I need a drink after that.

time tho. I'm Cosmo, aka cosmosnep / philpem / cosmosnowmew on :twitter: . I'm a software engineer, ham radio nerd, self-taught electronics engineer and maker, 3D printing enthusiast... oh, and I help out at a couple of furry cons. :3

Anyways today I'm building an enclosure for the 3D printer. I need to cut some Perspex for the top, and polycarbonate for the side panels.
Only reason I'm using two plastics is, I have a huge piece of polycarbonate in the garage. sadly it's too thick to go in the top panel mounts.

well snouts was a fun ride but now I finally get to meow at people. oh, and my username is actually "cosmo" with no suffixes. all that adds up to a very happy kitty.

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