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Starting at most recent events:

I spend most of my energy developing a libre font editor, MFEK. I sponsor its Foundation, which has $100,000 (anon. matched contribution of my $50,000) slated for spending on this goal in 2022.

I'm also a Wikipedia editor: [[User:Psiĥedelisto]].

I'm also a very frequent furry art commissioner.

I was in a documentary, "Q: Into the Storm", because I'm the unfortunate soul who wrote 8chan's original software. (1/2)

This account is moving to one of the big instances ( as it's too disruptive to this small instance; I tweet too much and after a review of my tweets determined furry posts are like 15% of what I write, therefore, this site is not really appropriate for this account.

Thanks for our time here <3

@MaximusWolfie (left by fiverr ozyocomics, right by raitvisualworks)

if i were to use these ones as examples for later comms they would become baselines from which one could go heavier etc.

fursonas can be a game of telephone played over many months…and very much depend on opinion of commissioner haha.


@MaximusWolfie i like all my commissioned art but it's interesting how a fursona can evolve over time, depiction-by-depiction, based on which depictions i show later artists.

if these look similar there's a good reason—they're paid test poses lol ^w^

i'd omit these from refs shown to artists tho as, tho cute, these ones have imo the opposite issue my really old ones have—they're _too_ fat as opposed to _too_ thin

still close enough to be acceptable alone ofc!

@wolfen32 my earlier fursona, i made whether he could walk ambiguous. he just was always shown seated/laying down

but fred the raccoon v2 can canonically walk now lol. maybe he got put on some meds…seems weight gain is paradoxically a symptom ;-)

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I have even posted phone calls in the past.

I hope that the combination of followers-only and a CW that it's about some harassment will help those who care about either me or the issue see it, and those who don't, not

Unfortunately I do foresee that the more it becomes clear to harassers that I post on Mastodon a lot, the more they'll start making accounts on open servers to bug me here…this harassment abatement method isn't perfect but works better than other ones I've tried

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account meta 

Slight change from my operations on Twitter to Fediverse.

It is well known that people who harass me via DM or even sometimes email are very likely to get their messages publicly seen

This increases the costs associated with their harassment, and also shows that yes, public figures get harassed—often—even though most hide it for their own reasons. However this type of my posts will be visible to (open) followers *only* on Fediverse—which if I could've done on birdapp I would've

@copypaste Love the .nfo you included. Do an installer someday! I wanna hear the accompanying music.

Reddit post about the same thing 

r/usenet · Gatekeeping by creepy @Easynews CS is part of the slow death of new posts in binary Usenet

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If anyone has NNTP server account credentials I can borrow that have upload ability please email them to copypaste[at] thanks :3

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The provider is super and Googles titles and stuff in your support requests so they can say "not my problem"…only to get it super wrong in my case.

My last image is just…shock at their response lol

Some optimism:

The internet often sucks. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's amazing. Sometimes a 13-year-old YouTube video is the only existing proof that a piece of (perhaps findable) lost media exists.

Research/OSINT skills learned on 4chan, Reddit, etc., don't have to only be used for bad. People learning them didn't waste all their time (just most of it).

An earlier analogy I posted, regarding the likelihood of folding in poker, was not liked by a Twitter user, so here is a different, perhaps better one.

reminds you Stephen Colbert exists 

This one's election coverage from 2008

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reminds you Stephen Colbert exists 

In service of finding it I did some searching to no avail but found these fun intros

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reminds you Stephen Colbert exists 

I posted this on Twitter first as I needed to mention someone there, but as promised this account is a better archive so I am copying it here.

"Normally I wouldn't link video like this but @docsaico
is a public figure, I checked, & this video remains up on her channel.

In 2008, Stephen Colbert did a Christmas special. @docsaico
's video is—as far as I can tell—the only proof of one of its promos.

(To be super clear, no new technical standard is *needed* for it to work, per se, but one would be *helpful* for ⓐ marking these fonts as special so software can separate them ⓑ enumeration of available stickers in the case they are defined by sequences and ⓒ providing further metadata.)

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"Are you allowed to just extend the Unicode Standard like this Fred?"

Not technically but I attend its meetings and trust me they're cool with it

The bodies that decide Unicode stuff only care if you complain to them about it not working. They don't care if you extend the standard, just don't complain to them if your fur catches on fire if you do.

I will make clear it is a non-official extension—and no one will care. Another example: MUFI (Medieval Unicode Font Initiative).

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The emoji categories you see on your phone are actually based on CLDR data which is more fine-grained. So, you see "Animals & Nature", CLDR actually contains "animal-mammal", "animal-bird", "animal-amphibian", "animal-reptile" and "animal-bug". Any emoji within those CLDR major categories are usable…you have to extend the standard for humans, and can do that if you want to, I don't see the point so it won't be in my spec lol

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Finally, there are going to be stickers you wish to have that aren't describable either with certain emoji or lists of emoji.

In that case, I suggest that you extend the concept of the Tags block:

If there is an emoji for your character's species, you use it; or, if not, one similar; if nothing similar, you use 🐱, followed by any number of Tags, followed by U+E007F.

Strictly, the start emoji must be in any of the the CLDR "animal-*" categories:

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