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Companies love electron because, unlike in a normal browser, you have no way of blocking trackers and/or cookies on an electron-wrapped website

*significantly better, like wow this is really snappy

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Finally on Lineage 18.1. So far, doesn't seem to be bloated, and runs better than the last release.

Still don't like that I have to use Gapps and Microsoft products (specifically for family reasons), but I've mitigated as much as I can.

I think maybe I'm really going to go for a minimal install this time, try to not keep any apps I don't actively use.

I just spent an hour running Termux with Xorg on Android so you don't have to. Yes it's possible, no you shouldn't do it for any reason.

I don't tend to like my art very much, but someone told me I should start posting it somewhere

negative, social issues, trauma, sarcasm, confusion 

I'm starting to think maybe having disorders and traumatic experiences that make it hard to talk to people is a call for me to maybe not use social media...

I can't talk to anyone or interact with them, and when I can will myself to do so, I get really nervous when they don't respond and start wondering what I did to offend them when they're probably just busy, or just as nervous.

Thanks for the gaslighting, parent, really appreciate it. /s

Writing a test to see what the buttons do, because tootle doesn't label them ;w;


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