@sir I used to say that free software and open source are two sides of the same coin. People would yell at me. I guess people care about phrasings, because they're easy to nitpick. Ideas, now those require actual thinking. And thinking is scary.

@claude @sir
I think it's more that hackers tend to think in more precise and less fuzzy terms than most people.

So when 2 things seem to be the same idea to you, to a hacker they're two similar but separate ideas which deserve separate words.

On a related note, I think non-hackers often use certain words as a decorators whereas hackers use the same words as modifiers of meaning.

Eg. (btw. sorry for lack of a better example) when you say "in general, in middle ages people didn't use $X"
Someone may object "you said nobody in middle ages used $X but there's one example someone did use $X in middle ages, so you're wrong" because they didn't understand that the phrase "in general" means "outside of some special circumstances".

And the hackers' precise style of communication lends itself better to science and engineering, especially for programming where the compiler expects you to be very precise and will nitpick the shit out of you if you make a mistake.

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