One month after controversial adult-content purge, far-right pages are thriving on :


This is how "adult content purges" are revealed for what they really are: anti-queer, anti-feminist, pro-fascist moves. The big, mainstream social networks are owned and operated by literal Nazi sympathizers. Which makes sense, seeing how Nazis were traditionally in cahoots with big business. One more reason for all of us to get the hell as far away from them as we can, like yesterday.


@claude I think part of it is legit economics and marketing.

Corporations can market to the right-wing. There are entire subsidiaries of Corporations that market movies, music, books, TV shows, podcasts, comics, etc. to the while right-wing evangelical subset and they make a ton of money.

Fuck, the Republican Party has built an entire political empire over marketing to white and traditional protestant paranoia and anxiety.

Right-wingers live in constant fear and paranoia daily.


@Tau_Leonis I'm not at all convinced that's how they made so much money. That's how they *think* they did, because it's what they *want* to believe. Look at all the cries of "Millennials are killing X". Gee, you mean young people with liberal leanings in fact make a difference on the market?


@claude I used to think that this kind of rhetoric was hyperbolic, but the more I see of how the leadership of the big social networks operate, the more plausible it seems. They seem oblivious at best and actively oppressive at worst.

@claude CALLED IT! What once was lefty paradise is now a nazi hellhole. (Speaking of I hope my mutuals that didn’t leave tumblr when the porn ban happened are okay)

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