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Hey, everyone. Check out this awesome portrait I got from a resident of SpinDizzy MUCK:

looking for work, boosts okay 

PSA: conventional side-view diagrams used for real-world seagoing vessels make no sense at all for saucer-shaped Star Trek ships.

With Mozilla in trouble, people need to remember that Firefox isn't the only alternative out there. If you can, support smaller projects like Dillo, Links2 or NetSurf. They're less capable, but also lightweight and likely easier to work on. In other words, democratic.

LB: This is my favorite aspect of fedi tbh. Little interactions that come from just generally helpful people

TIL that Ancient Greek legends include a counterpart to the biblical binding of Isaac, except a false oracle bears the message. When the real gods show up, they're furious that good people would sacrifice one of their own like that. Even to the supposed will of the gods!

(-) Money, asking for help 

Christopher Tolkien is dead, people have such nice words for him, and all I can think of is, LOTR is still under copyright for another 23 years.

its not bad to acknowledge that you hurt people. being a good person doesnt mean not making mistakes, but acknowledging them and learning from them

"I went to see a movie, and instead I saw the future" by Jason Fried

The downside of automating everything: no one understands how anything works anymore or can fix it when it breaks down.

I adore seeing so many people working on so many projects that fall into the broad category of "nobody does that because it's too complicated to approach anymore and it'll never work anyway"

People designing new hardware architectures and operating systems and browser engines and networks and community spaces, y'all feed me and I'm always hungry.

Keep up the great yet popularly futile work.


I wish Mastodon notified me when I got a follow request instead of when I /accepted/ the follow request. Pleroma does it like that.

Dear website owners: any popup that pops up while I'm trying to read something will be clicked away and never read. If it pops up again, I may be so flustered that I leave the site. If you want me to sign up to anything, a small form at the bottom of an article might work better. Or just be civilized and have an rss feed.

Or rather: there's performative hospitality, where you're quick to set out a rich dinner table, but only for people you perceive as equals, and genuine hospitality, where you take in the downtrodden and help them out as best you can.

New theory: people who brag the most about hospitality in their respective cultures are the least hospitable. Like love, hospitality is something you do, not something you trumpet.

People: β€œHeh, it’s Friday, we’re all pretending to be working today, aren’t we?”

The same people: β€œLess than 40 hours per week?! That’s fantasy, society would literally collapse that way”

TFW you type `ls -l` in a MUCK then go "wait, this isn't my terminal", followed by "ah yes, we do have a few POSIX commands here".

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