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Hey, everyone. Check out this awesome portrait I got from a resident of SpinDizzy MUCK:

Random thought: you know how books from centuries ago used to have verbose titles, more like what we call a blurb now, and in time we sort of learned to make them manageable? Is there a name for that, or any place where I can read about it?

i love being a computer kitten!

i hope you love being what you are too ❤️

Yo, , your keyboard shortcuts are now actively interfering with normal browser usage. Soon the only thing I'll want to press is Control-W.

I used to think writers need to know everything that happens behind the scenes of a : the villain, their machinations, everyone's movements... all that before they start in earnest.

Now I know it's a big trap: you'll just forget what the reader does and doesn't know already, or for that matter what they *need* to know. Much better to figure it out along with them as you write.

Step 1: create a diverse ecosystem of successful open-source software, dominating the software market and defeating Microsoft once and for all

Step 2: Put it all on one proprietary software forge

Step 3: Microsoft buys the basket we conveniently put all of our eggs into


After the hydra: a 500-word allegory that came to me unexpectedly today

Let's make one thing clear: what staying at home does is *limit the damage*. It's not what makes the danger pass. That's not how it works. After it blows over, don't let anyone tell you they were heroes who defeated the big evil. Look for those who fought to save lives.

What the hell,? Now you're also showing me posts from accounts I don't follow?

Note: not everybody who is/has X feels part of "the X community", for your favourite value of X. Perhaps that's what I should blog about after or instead of the Obligatory Coronavirus Blog Post because it's starting to grate on me.

As I feared, the new UI is even heavier than the old one, and infinite scroll is now mandatory. Can't go back to the old one, either (you can stop reblogging that old thing). It's the beginning of the end for my presence there.

As restrictions continue to tighten and the number of victims continues to skyrocket, remember the words "diminishing returns".

The extraordinary legal situation of the Coronavirus lock-down (about the UK in particular, but can easily apply to other countries):

When you ask people to make sacrifices "for their own good", better make sure you have their complete trust. Otherwise you can't expect compliance, and if you try to force the issue, it will only create resentment. Even if you happen to be right.

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You can treat someone humanely, and make them feel that you care, while having almost nothing palpable to offer them.

Once again, responsibility and obligation are mutually exclusive. If you're obligated to do something, you can't be held responsible for your actions or their consequences. Anyone who suggests otherwise is playing dictator.

WAR OF THE WORLDS: The Concept Album is one of the best things to come out of the 70s.

You may disagree, if you wish. People have a right to be wrong ;)

♪ The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one…yet still…they come

I'm suddenly tempted to write a story about a culture that reshapes itself into a Proud Warrior Race dreaming of conquest and glory, but instead falls apart in a few short years for reasons both internal and external.

Oh wait, that would be WW2. Never mind then.

Language in the wild: "the Heineken Virus".

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