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Hey, everyone. Check out this awesome portrait I got from a resident of SpinDizzy MUCK:

Maybe stop treating everything as a business first. Maybe stop trying to nickel-and-dime everyone all the time. We suffer from an excedent of capitalism and a deficit of humanity, and thatโ€™s ruining the (global) economy instead of helping.

I really find myself wondering if schools in media actually reflect anyone's experience of school ever.

In fact most comedy that's supposed to be 'true to live' gives me the deep, lingering suspicion that there's an idea of 'real life' that doesn't match anyone's life, but everyone gets exposed to anyway in media and they accept and view as the norm and actual life as the weird outlier and wite more media accordingly.

sexual assault, MIT, everywhere else Kicks Condor on the value of online conversations carried leisurely and thoughtfully at the speed of e-mail.

People who say "the worst that can happen is getting a rejection" haven't dealt with rejection much in their lives.

I think this is something that the Fediverse needs to see:

Please note the following content contains very upsetting topics. Viewer discretion is advised!

Confused about the point of assertions in programming? They exist to document assumptions. The construct should be called "assume" in any language that's honest with itself.


Please pay attention to the propaganda! Do not applaud people surviving in this dystopia! Instead burn down the dystopia!

โ€œThe phrase โ€˜robots are taking our jobsโ€™ gives technology agency it doesnโ€™t (yet?) possess, whereas โ€˜capitalists are making targeted investments in robots designed to weaken and replace human workers so they can get even richerโ€™ is less catchy but more accurate.โ€ This is a good read.

I just figured out what was bothering me about tests-first software development: it's the waterfall methodology in a trenchcoat and fedora.

Please, PLEASE unlearn the habit of polite smalltalk. We're not in 1919 anymore. Batch communication, so people don't have to refocus on you repeatedly. And don't ask others to look stuff up for you.

For the love of everything sacred, people, BE MINDFUL! We're all bombarded with too many stimuli all the time these days. Half the time I can't hear myself thinking. Half the remaining time I have to think for two. And no-one can be bothered to look where they're going.

Rich people are hoarding cash, and *wealth managers* are getting frustrated?! What about the rest of us? That's money nobody else can use! Sure, the central bank of each country can emit more... which drives up inflation and makes the rest of us poorer.


- drop systemd already like the hot potato it is;
- look into adopting lighter C libraries;
- XFCE is a *mid-range* desktop;
- offloading work to the GPU puts *more* stress on the system.

Respect the hardware. Respect the user. Remember your roots.

For that matter, once-light operating systems now expect you to own a recent gaming rig. Nutters! Dear Debian: even a 14-year-old laptop shouldn't run hot trying to handle your latest release *in text mode*. Especially not when Puppy Linux barely exercises the same CPU.

dropping support for just a few years old for the sake of a little extra bling is insane. A *lot* of people have 10-year-old machines that overheat trying to run Firefox 60. DeviantArt, I'm looking at you here.

Wikipedia gets all the press, but Wiktionary is /really good/. A resource with meanings and etymologies for words in many languages.
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