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Hey, everyone. Check out this awesome portrait I got from a resident of SpinDizzy MUCK:

Thinking where the head is located on the redesign of a fictional (space)ship from my new shared setting. How's your morning?

Don't believe Automattic's excuses for a moment. has porn and nobody said a thing: Stripe, PayPal, credit card companies... . Not even the operator of the .io TLD, which nominally doesn't allow porn.

You know what never did, on purpose? Get on the App Store.

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How I see the final answer to the supposed return of porn on Tumblr: "The answer is still no, peasants. Get fucked, LOL."

"Mute" is a good function for websites to have

Today's aesthetic: cats hanging around fishermen.

@Takiro Automation really reveals what the person creating the automatic system actually think about your work.

Like, I am well aware that people think of artists as machines you put prompts into and art comes out, but it becomes especially clear when they actually try to build something like that.

So the founder of Stable Diffusion Art AI thinks art is just boring and tedious work and artists are simply tools. Guy has no idea why artists become artists and thinks it's all about money.

People complain about IRC and XMPP for all kinds of reasons, but nowadays their big weakness is assuming a reliable connection and synchronous communication.

If there's one cultural disconnect between dedicated artists and... I don't wanna say non-artists cus I don't believe there's such a thing, but people who perhaps spend more time thinking about making art than actually making it, it's an understanding of process.

Art isn't a case of idea in, some stuff happens, finished product that reflects that idea comes out (so much of why AI art programs irk me is cus they are made by and for people who thinks this is how art works.)

Usually, for me at least, and for pretty much every artist I've seen explain their process, you discover what your piece is about somewhere along the way. You could sit down ten times with the exact same idea and end up with twelve different things.

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I just discovered another advantage of writing things down: you can leave something for later instead of rushing to do it before you forget.

"The rules of a billion-dollar media mega-corporation do not automatically transfer over to the furry ."

"Why do you walk so fast?" I don't know, maybe because it's because I ACTUALLY HAVE SOMEWHERE TO BE

On a happier note, I finally gathered my resources on writing advice in a single place:

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