Here's a happy gays story to brighten your TL: yesterday my girlfriend, who ran away from her ultra conservative parents years ago and has no contact with them, cried after my mom bought her a new desk (something she NEEDS as an aspiring web dev) and told her she's part of our family now

This has gotten a bit of attention so hi please check out my art! I do commissions!

@carrionette I am in a similar situation, and I am a professional web dev. What else does she need?

@carrionette I'd rather have seen you introduce it like "Here's a happy story". A simple Love story, happening in a loving family !

You're not supposed to be different, remember ? People who were differently colored, or fat , or disabled, or mad (and so on...) always have themselves had to endure strong bans too before.

I often have the feeling that no one is here to be happy too much. Yeah, where's the merit, when we don't suffer somehow?

But be sure, like for anyone on this planet, that an experience can't be translated easily easily toward the others. Who wants to walk in our shoes when they're already burdened up enough ?

That's where 'love' might just mean 'no judgement'. Let's welcome people that are good and benevolent. More than that, Love is not to seek the others for ourselves, but for how usefull we want to be for them. Lucky are those who have been found

Someone had said "who is my mother or my brother best than those who respect my will " ! We' re all to find our real family, wherever it is.

So, yeah, your story is just a happy one ;)
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