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I'm open for commissions! Sketches start at $15, colors+shading for $25, full color and BG for $40! See rules and all commission types here:

you ever not actually hungry but strongly crave a flavor... i want exactly one bite of very spicy pulled pork

fresh and bloody unicorn bones stuffed with cotton candy marrow

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Mint chocolate ram and Neapolitops! These were really fun and I might make some more ice cream skulls like this! Both designs are available on Redbubble!

Header for my new Redbubble store! Just a couple designs available right now but I'm planning on rolling out plenty more soon!

Last animated doggie head for a bit! Again frames drawn by my friend and inked/colored by me!

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you ever think about how the cover for The Prodigy's "The Fat Of The Land" could be a shitpost someone made yesterday

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β€œFolks” and β€œy’all” are just a leftist ploy to get rednecks to use gender neutral terminology

Still working on it, the amount of glitter on this is way more obvious irl

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Another howling doggie animated by my friend and inked and colored by me!

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