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I'm open for commissions! Sketches start at $15, colors+shading for $25, full color and BG for $40! See rules and all commission types here:

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i love my gf so much she's so beautiful and smart, she stayed with me while i was quitting drinking even tho i was being a massive dickface, she supports me pursuing my artist dreams and aadshjdfgfdg

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Fanart of Beau, my favorite villager from Animal Crossing. #Art by me.

sure bowser is a good dad to his golden child named after himself but what about the seven previous children he never talks about anymore? like maybe the koopalings are grown up now but why didn't they take the family biz, why don't they talk to their father except to sometimes kart race him

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Doodle comics about a True Dumbass Angel learning how Things work.
# 2 Shrug
# 3 Time

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An aquarium is just a pet store that doesn’t sell anything

hollyhock didn't get a lot of air time this season but she's my fav, i hope she's doing well in college

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new bojack was pretty good but imo it's real hard to top season 4

fully automated future convenience store

yo eggs are the best fight me if u disagree. i am here to protect every egg

cant wait till i have time to finish the new bojack i just love shows that make me miserable

This has gotten a bit of attention so hi please check out my art! I do commissions!

testing a couple custom brushes i made in CSP so i dont have to draw every. single. raindrop and blade of grass. also did a falling leaf one

my own icon, drawn by me, is inaccurate now oh no

finally drew a real ref, im bad at these cus i find drawing "just standing there" very tedious but HERE
spot placement is kinda whatever besides the three on the face, also the right eye is googly and doesn't really fit in the eyehole

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woke up and had to add more details that are probably imperceptible but they make me feel better!

She has more of a bounce with her head/hair during the blink, and she really needed a heart popping out to maximize the cuteness as much as possible.

Here's a happy gays story to brighten your TL: yesterday my girlfriend, who ran away from her ultra conservative parents years ago and has no contact with them, cried after my mom bought her a new desk (something she NEEDS as an aspiring web dev) and told her she's part of our family now

Part two of the boofing neon doggies commission! Drawings once again done by my friend, inked and colored by me. She's seriously so good at unconventional animation, i LOVE how gelatinous this boy is

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