@logan oh this seems to be fun!

Yeah the problem with japanese softwares is their only know their own language sadly...

Chinese one have a good part of them in english but most of the issues are in their own language. While for chinese software its not really a problem because there is a lot of chinese peoples its not the case.

But misskey seems to be cool when i will be host my own instance i will use misskey too think

@logan oh this is cool iv the old computer from my parents at home and more recently i update my gaming pc so i use the old one as a server :blobfoxlaugh:

On this one is currently running a NeosVR headless and since the software is not optimized the computer do a good job.

I also have an old xseries 336 racked in the datacenter where i work but not much installed on it yet

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@ShadyFennec Basic. But the you of tomorrow will say thank you from the past at least :blobfoxlaugh:

I also take the opportunity to update my header picture on my profile but i share it as a post too because its funny :blobfoxlaugh:

Ok and its also time to clean a bit here. Starting by my pfp. Here is my old one and new one.

So... Im back here after a while... Iv reinstalled the application on my phone so i will, maybe, be here my often ^^

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And finally, ive a refsheet for my fursona... (and my pfp too)

Thanks to zaira-wolfe :3

link to zaira-wolfe dA: deviantart.com/zaira-wolfe
link to my fa: https:/furaffinity.net/view/41918221/

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I saw a post on somewhere once on how to remember how to extract something with tar, so now whenever I do, I remember it as 'xtract ze vucking files'

tar -xzvf

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:blank:     🤚️

:blank::blank:     🤚️


@volpeon nice, like that if you make a pause nobody will know :blobfoxlaugh:

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@volpeon Ah yes I use your proxy for check articles on Gemini! Thanks for this service by the way! :blobfoxhappy:

(I don't switch to another because I love the render style of the pages!)

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