Heyo! I'm a french fennec fox developer who is interested in , , and . You may sometime see me speaking French but I prefer to be in English mode by default even though it's not my native language. My speaking English is not very good (I often use a translator) but I can easily read and understand it.

I self-hosted some services on ranted server on internet and in my home for fun and practice. Maybe some day I will share pics of my servers rack at home?

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I'm not new to the fediverse I have another old account that I still use mainly to sperate from furry things since I don't know yet where I go...
The only thing I know about my first fursona is to be a fennec fox, for the rest I need to think about it.

And I just moved to this instance since it's more near from what I am.

See ya on the cyberspace o/

2/2 I have my server running at my house as well.
same system i use as my desktop as well.

old recycled HP proliant ML350 G6.
not the most powerful of machines out there but it gets the job done

@logan oh this is cool iv the old computer from my parents at home and more recently i update my gaming pc so i use the old one as a server :blobfoxlaugh:

On this one is currently running a NeosVR headless and since the software is not optimized the computer do a good job.

I also have an old xseries 336 racked in the datacenter where i work but not much installed on it yet right now trying to attempt to make a bot for my misskey instance.
its been fun ... there is very little documentation and what i could find is written in Japanese

@logan oh this seems to be fun!

Yeah the problem with japanese softwares is their only know their own language sadly...

Chinese one have a good part of them in english but most of the issues are in their own language. While for chinese software its not really a problem because there is a lot of chinese peoples its not the case.

But misskey seems to be cool when i will be host my own instance i will use misskey too think

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