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transphobie, mention suicide 

Peut-être qu’on appelle ça deadname parce que ça nous tue.

Waking up way before your partners is torture

French pol 

French left 🤝 French right
Hating sex workers

Carglass insiste tellement pour qu'on aille sur le bon site que je me demande sérieusement ce que les gens ont trouvés en se trompant de site

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Racism, islamophobia 

One of the biggest french right wing journals, le figaro, made an article about a city close where i live, calling it ravaged by communautarism (dogwisthle for arabs, muslims and blacks), saying you only hear rap, see tattoos everywhere etc...
How the fuck do these peoples function of a daily basis. Fuck them. Also tattoos are cool.
I'm angry now

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Russia's invasion of Ukraine 

Honestly this is truly heroic. Honestly it's basically the tale of a queer couple standing up against the rising fascism across the world. Makes me a bit teary eyed


Queer Ukrainian couple fighting side-by-side say they’re ready to die defending home from Putin


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transphobia patriarchy 

TERFs are agents of the patriarchy

Thing that will burn you the most
- Your oven grates when you try to grab something
- Your tea right after you made it
- Vinegar potato chips

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This guy is more worthy of our attention than the kid whose daddy paid for him to go to almost space.

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French politics, islamophobia 

Fuck you Ciotti, you and your entire fucking political party. I hope you all burn.

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French politics, islamophobia 

So now right wing politicians are trying to ban the swimwear that muslim womens use, called burkini, after a city finally allowed it in public swiming pools. Now they want to ban it for the ENTIRE COUNTRY.
Oh and also there's only two cities where they can use it in swimming pools. TWO. Everywhere else they can't go there.
Fucking normal country.
My thoughs are toward muslim womens in the whole country.


Les syndicats de flics prétendent défendre la démocratie mais veulent la justice d'une dictature.

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You every think about death for an instant and just dissociate for multiple minutes ?

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