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lengthy intro 

hello! name's twig, just migrated over from a different instance, figured id enjoy myself more here, so here's my post!

i'm just an average alterhuman, thing, that enjoys computers and is generally kinda geeky. i'm not an artist, but i do enjoy writing quite a lot, and might share some of the stories i write if i ever feel comfortable with doing so!

for those that followed me before, not much has changed, i'll just be more open about being a furry! :pawx30_raised:

i have nothing better to post rn other than snippets of this convo a friend and i had about discord being shit and how they just make worse versions of guilded's features (as well as how dumb the paywalls on discord are in the first place)

the day i can fully ditch discord is gonna be the best day ever tbh

striking that perfect balance of writing your sona to be similar to yourself but still different in unique ways is the best feeling ever and im happy to finally hit it

sona talk 

reworking my sonas folder on TH and writing up everything ive been procrastinating to do for my main sona

i recently have finally discovered what i really identify as and im really happy about it, but man writing things for the sona page is like, difficult lol

it's especially hard since i do wanna keep the "character" somewhat separate from myself, hence me not changing my username anywhere either

shit's wack but ill finish it sometime soon ig

bad joke that kinda references drug usage 

b4b on no hope is such a slog but im also an achievement junkie so i gotta get that high of 100%ing the game for a third time

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was thinking about finally fully switching to linux for my new pc

then i remembered all my UE4 tools (including UE4 itself) are still windows only so i guess ill just dual boot, since i doubt running those through WINE will end well :(

booted up my pc to be greeted with a pop up about a system32 .dll file not being able to load

everything works fine but that certainly isn't something to just pretend isn't gonna be an issue eventually

i was already looking into getting a new pc at some point but i guess this solidifies it lol

we source engine modders have a unique language only we understand

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decided to start making shortcuts to specific games so my steam library can look nicer instead of just a generic emulator shortcut

im happy with the monkey ball collection so far, especially getting the arcade game working ive always wanted to try that one

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chillin' to nitw music in bed, mixed but mostly good vibes

how to have an untrustworthy ping list: have my friend alex show up as near identical ping to me when we live across the country from each other :)

oh and on their screen i had a completely different ping because yes

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