i made a character on aether to play with my friend (main on on crystal) and its been lots of fun so far

it has been very hot lately and having a thunderstorm means nothing if its still 28° the next day 😒😒😒

video games, im yelling 

i am also here for the furry game

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video games, im yelling 

demon souls remake??? not a remaster??? ooooOOOOOOOOO


im very scared of bugs. im trying to be less scared of bugs by ignoring them whenever theyre around but theres a bee in here and i dont know how to ignore that!!!!!

i wake up very early in general so my body deciding to get me up even earlier (half an hour before my alarm) is, daunting.

i stay up because, why not, but i would prefer to not wake up in the first place, thank you very much.

i was wondering why i felt so sluggish today and realized it's almost 30Β°. i'm melting.

my roommate told the dog hes going for a walk and now the dog wont stop crying as she gets ready

the sounds hes making are REALLY funny though, hes like a balloon constantly deflating. baby.


the appeal of levelling other classes isnt about wanting to learn different playstyles.

its about opening up the ability to equip more glams >:V

good morning to everyone except the people upstairs, who stomp and scream at odd hours

weird dreams need to leave me in peace!!


i get to work on my portfolio today and potentially bang out all the work i wanted to get done this week a lot sooner so there are good things about not going in (there are always good things about not going in) but...damn πŸ™ƒ

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im 10 minutes away from work and my boss just texted me telling me i dont need to come in!! im happy but im also a little bit upset about it!!!


there are so many they/thems...im pleased

also these dungeons are really fun, god damn

i was getting very eorried about a package i ordered because there were no updates since april 20th.

the tracking site just updated everything from then until now, and its on its way \o/


im finally in shadowbringers!!

im awake at almost 4am after a fitful sleep. i dont want to go back to bed because its reached the point where i know i wont fall asleep. i guess ill start my day lol


im going to start running in the mornings...ive wanted to run for ages (i am thin but very unfit) and i decided that tomorrow i will start since im always up at 5am anyway \o/

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