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Hi, I'm Axiom!

I'm a gay dog who does art and pines after boys.

This is my art account, where I post my recent works and take commissions.

For daily Axiom content, check out my main at @serioussalad

Semi-famous meme image that I made in 2013ish. Took a long time since it was made on my old laptop, and also because I was laughing so hard.

I hate when people say they're looking for a "quality artist."

It's vague, it's rude, and it doesn't make people want to work with you.

Instead, try listing some of the qualities you are actually looking for in an artist.

You'll have better luck.

Hello #PortfolioDay!

I'm a digital illustrator and concept artist! I enjoy playing with unexpected color in all my work, and I am working on so much cool stuff for you right now :)


Third attack of the year! #artfight
For Banj0, go check them out!
And feel free to attack me:

🌈✨Pokémon TF Iron Artist day 2✨🌈
πŸ’–4 TripleEhksπŸ’–

SIGN UPS ARE STILL OPEN! Please check out the form link for more info!
Help make an IA goal come true!

NSFW! Furry porn! A bigger guy fucking a smaller pal of ambiguous gender from behind 

I gotta say I'm pretty darn proud of this one... Bought a new fancy screen tablet with Patreon money and it made inbetweening a lot less frustrating.
( )

Very proud of the background here, and also the skunktaur with the big tail he's there too (

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