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Faced with the question “What do you see as our company’s greatest strength” on an ‘anonymous’ HR survey and resisting the temptation to say “creating internal bureaucracy”

(N.B.: my feelings about "AI art" are complicated and I may eventually write about them and annoy everyone on both sides of the debate that has sprung up, but I think it is fine to play with them a little. Don't read it as unreserved endorsement.)

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For the record, Stable Diffusion has no idea what to do with the prompt "view from the surface of a planet being swallowed by a giant mouse woman"


It's a vignette crossover event! What will happen when Saida meets the mouse from the Mouse Vignettes? (Okay if you know either series the answer is super obvious.)

After years of joking about planet-eating mouse girls, I am trying to write that scene from the surface of said planet and it is kind of a challenge!

Between the last Saida vignette and a new one I started today, it's becoming an extended universe of the same cat woman with extraordinarily bad luck


Me: I’m not sure whether I’m going to end up thinking about rampaging honey badgers or dragon-coyotes as I fall asleep.
Muse: don’t forget the mice
Muse: well, I guess they’re not rampaging as much as just…swallowing
Me: Dammit.

I am stopping to sober up at a restaurant called "Tin & Taco" and seriously what the hell does that even mean, you fucking hipster nerds

I am not saying I am tipsy, I am just saying you should move yourself and your vehicles and your important buildings away from my paws

There is an off-menu drink here called the Tiger Fucker which I feel like I may be obligated to try, for all sorts of reasons

I have never had a drink garnished with a vial of rum before

Immediate first impression of Aku Aku in Orlando: oh, it's a dive tiki bar! (This is not a knock, really, I'm just amused)

I apparently keep having dark evil giantess images the last couple of days, albeit laced with some dark humor. Hm.

grumpy mean vore 

Agent One with her mouth full of screaming victims, a flattened bus under one paw, looking down incredulously at a random concern troll across the street clapping their hands to their cheeks and gasping, "Will they be okay?"


My least favorite fetish is pointlessly arguing about fetishes


Clover: C’mon, this world’s not beyond saving!
Sibry: Wait for it
Guy in line ahead of them at Starbucks: Venti strawberry cream frap w/java chips, 3 pumps white mocha, dragon fruit, extra strawberry puree
Clover: Let’s flip for who swallows the planet whole

Chapter 11 is over 1500 words and not done. Argh. Maybe if I just cross out every third word, that'll work, right

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