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Also, subtweeting a convo between private accounts on social interactions revolving around for-profit companies and missing pure-community MUCKs and IRC: it *is* worth remembering those places still exist. I frequently don’t, either. But still. They’re out there.

Semi-random thought based on VRChat "anti-cheat" push combined with them hiring for a "compliance operations manager": they're going to create a virtual currency and try to build a in-world economy a la Second Life, IMVU, etc.

I mentioned in a reply that Tampa, Florida (where I live near now), used to be the unofficial "Capital of Death Metal". There is probably a story in that, although I don't know if it's a story I care to write.

The brewery I went to a few days ago has an "Emo IPA" with a perky goth on the label. It uses Ella, Mosaic, and Opal hops. And it's pretty good.

What I am saying is more giant goths, please

Last night, my mom and I watched “Red Notice,” which was mediocre, and now we are watching “The Gray Man,” which is incoherent. Is Netflix bad at action movies, or titles with colors

I am inching toward having an actual story for Nora. Apparently this is my next project? Well, I have several in the air.

Okay, brute forcing it by pulling the thermostat off the wall does work. (I wasn't sure if this was somehow verboten with these things. I am feeling weirdly old.)

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Oh good, my mom turned the thermostat up to 80° when I left for lunch from 78° (cold by her standards), and the touch screen has frozen so it is stuck there. The thermostat has no physical buttons and I can't find where the AC's air handler power switch is to hard reset it.

I did notice, when I was leaving and buying a four-pack to take home, the brewery had made a limited edition Pride beer using the inclusive pride flag in the label. So there's that.

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My detective has a last name, I think: Nora Mallory. Now all she needs is a case. 🔍

I have a suspicion I should not inquire about the place’s politics, though, because rural Florida. There are no obvious red flags, at least.

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It is very weird to be at this microbrewery in Nowhere Particular, Florida, and think “this is my local brewery now.” I’ve been here once before and the beer was good, at least, and the one I'm having now—a wheat ale with local kumquats!—is good, too.

The hotel TV appears to be stuck on "motion smoothing" mode and I hate it so much

Me: This is a surprisingly good vegan restaurant.
Muse: are you eating the vegans
Me: No!
Muse: organic free-range vegans are very healthy for you
Me: ...

There is a dude at this brewery who is unable to say anything WITHOUT SHOUTING IT and I am perhaps thinking of the very first "Moira" episode right now

Stopped in Tallahassee for the night. Unfortunately, I can't find the governor's mansion, because I wanted to pay proper respects by stomping the living shit out of it

I keep thinking about giving Riona, the 21' coyote girl, an SO in a story, but can't decide between a similarly-sized otter girl, similar-sized wolf guy, normal mouse guy or girl, or shark girl who's either similar-sized or in the 80' range…

Okay, I have had three tiki drinks, one that contained coffee and one that contained high-proof rums, and followed it with a cafe au lait, and I am feeling VERY FUCKING NEW ORLEANS so what I am saying is watch out below

I may be dancing to the Shirley Bassey cover of "Light My Fire" the bar is playing now. I promise not to step on anything but tourists who are so drunk they'll think it's some authentic Nola tradition

I may be dancing to the Shirley Bassey cover of "Light My Fire" the bar is playing now. I promise not to step on anything but tourists who are so drunk they'll think it's some authentic Nola tradition

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