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I have put this off too long. It is time to go through old furry porn photocopies/printouts, scan some, and toss nearly all of them.

My office campus has a mall security robot that patrols back and forth between the two buildings along the same short path, except when it is charging, which is most of the time. I for one certainly feel safer

Oh, I should probably update the Saida & Autumn preview on my personal web site to match the FA preview. Ahem.

Hey, I've posted a six-chapter PDF preview of “Saida & Autumn” to Fur Affinity! Pick it up from FurPlanet at AC, or online next month!

Some days I want to drive off into the wilderness because I'm sad. Today I'm mostly feeling good and want to do that anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am told June 14th is National Skunk Day. I will take this as a sign. Of something.

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I may be thinking—a lot—about getting art of this hypothetical villainous skunk woman as both pixel art and cartoon cel-style art, for backstory reasons. (Also because it could be hot. I mean cute. I mean hot.)

Me: This is a simple idea for a Twine game.
Muse: you have pages of notes
Me: Well—
Muse: and a mind map
Me: Look—
Muse: and an irrationally complex back story
Me: You’re my muse so this is YOUR FAULT.
Muse: you’re welcome

Okay, there may be an in-story explanation for her being a skunk, too, even if the world is ours! I am not sure if this is getting too complicated for a first Twine game, though; it seems more like a story. (Granted, many Twine projects are more story than game.)

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I think I'm getting the hang of mind-mapping software for brainstorming—developing the "digital predator" into something that seems both novel and kind of terrifying. Still not sure why she's a curvaceous skunk woman, though, beyond the obvious.

There's also a somewhat apocalyptic skunk woman wandering around my head, who might (but might not) be the digital predator from the unfinished Twine game. Some of Tyrnn's most recent sketches brought her back into mind at unusually large scale…

My story brain still appears to be largely offline, although I have inexplicably started binge-watching “Monk” which makes me suspect my muse is trying to move the rat detective story up in the queue

Muse: what are you drinking
Me: This is a "Dr. Funk."
Muse: isn't that the name of this bar
Me: Yes.
Muse: how is it
Me: It's—
Muse: say "funky" and I stomp you
Me: —good.

The first drink I had here was theoretically inspired by a female pirate. I am making a note to have a drink on any future bar I run called a "Sea Vixen," for reasons.

Me: I'll have the pancakes, please.
Muse: i'll have the annoying rich kid at the next table who keeps arguing about the sparkling water
Waiter: Uh—
Muse: tap water is fine

Microsoft Office 

The last time I seriously used Microsoft Word, it was Office 2004 (yes, 2004: the Mac and Windows versions were out of sync). The UI used to be cluttered, sure. But holy cats, now it's an inscrutable, virtually non-Euclidean catastrophe.

I still want to do another Saffron story (the jackal from "Heavy Forces") but Judy the raccoon is asking for attention and she's actually super hot, also I am kind of tipsy

I am afraid that the overpriced carrot cake is in fact absolutely orgasmic and I regret nothing

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The carrot cake comes with a separate dish of Chantilly cream. What is the difference between whipped cream and Chantilly cream, you ask? About eight dollars.

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I have gone from the soup and a cocktail to a coffee and carrot cake, skipping the steak part entirely.

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