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In general, really liked "Strange New Worlds." (It is making me think of my giant space otter short story idea, but that would be more Star Wars—specifically the Empire, e.g., you won't mind seeing them be utterly trounced by a big otter.)

vore (?) 

Apparently I have not turned off Tumblr recommendation emails, and it just suggested I follow a blog called "Cats Will Eat You." Unfortunately it is not as interesting as it would be if I were writing it.

The personnel office has requested I stop standing outside their window, tapping on it, and yelling “since we’re all here in person, let’s collaborate!” with a huge toothy smile

I’m pretty sure the corporate network is locked down insanely tight here, but I can still sneak in an iPad mini tethered to a cellular hotspot.

This feels like a day for driving to nowhere in particular on mental health grounds, despite being on work time. I'll bring my work laptop with me, okay, that counts, right

Farrah wants to eat you. “So,” Farrah murmurs, huge golden eyes locked onto you, brushing back a lock of their long, waist-length hair. The red panda is sexy, full stop. Lithe, toned, androgynous, stretched out on and slightly overflowing the...

Tumblr seems like a good place to both move some of my old "scraps" and post new ones. With that in mind…

I'd forgotten how sleepy in-person office meetings make me.

Update: the food is free, so I guess the question is irrelevant

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Time to find out if the Samsung cafeteria accepts Apple Pay

"We have an updated proposal timeline to share with you. Should we set up a 30-minute chat this week?" Instead of that, let me introduce you to this revolutionary new tool called "email"

I should note here that my posts often get crossposted from Twitter, although I am trying to get back in the habit of reversing that. Sometimes it is even more Rube Goldberg, like a Tumblr post that gets auto-tweeted and then auto-crossposted, which may be…suboptimal. Image posts seem to be turned into just link posts, rather than, you know, carrying the image. Sigh.

📷 Red Savina the dragon-coyote says hello to you. Actually, I think she may be saying goodbye. (Art by Ken Cougr.)

Oh hey, I have discovered that Tumblr doesn't let me know when people use the "Ask me anything" feature, or I haven't got notifications enabled properly, or, something. Let's see what happens when I answer!

The ramen place is playing a traditional soundtrack of 80s hair metal

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We are at a ramen place for dinner, which is not actually Kitana's fault

One of the TVs in this bar is continuously playing subtitled episodes of "Knight Rider"

Me: So I saw "The Bad Guys," and—
Muse: you're crushing on the badass vixen who looks great in a business suit
Me: Um. I didn't plan to, I swear!
Muse: it's okay, you're not alone

I came real close to sneaking out of (remote) work to see "The Bad Guys" this afternoon, but got a "hey, we've rescheduled a meeting!" message on Slack literally as I was at the ticket purchase kiosk.

Moira: So.
Me: Yes?
Moira: You're criticizing story pacing. *looks at her first act, looks back, lifts eyebrow*
Me: Look, your story was way more epic than I thought it was at first.
Moira: Hares are—
Me: Bigger?
Moira: Complicated.

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